Nike ZoomX Invincible

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  • Great for long distance running
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Wide toe box for a more accommodating fit than Nike's typical offerings
  • Lightweight and bouncy
  • Good for training


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Fits a hair small but GREAT for Plantar Fasciitis
This is the only shoe in the world I can wear after 10 years of suffering plantar fasciitis. Some days my heels and arches hurt so bad I cannot even walk on soft sand without pain. Long walks, forget it. Jogging - no way. But with these, it made all of it possible, even 5-10-15k steps a day. Yes, th...
4 months ago
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Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Performance Review » Believe in the Run
Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Conclusion. ROBBE: Nike is going to pull every golden egg out of that ZoomX goose, and I have no qualms about the existence of the Nike ZoomX Invincible. It’s a pretty good shoe that will provide a ton of comfort over long-haul mileage
4 months ago
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The hype, the workhorse, and the surprise: Comparison of Three Max Cushion Shoes
At $150 I won’t buy it again especially considering the Axon is out there. I will not buy the Invincible again unless it: redesign the upper to make it look better and the price drops to $150 or less. And need to fix all the quality and durability issues found in this iteration.
They certainly hate going fast, because even a 20 second stride feels plodding in them. They're cushioned, but not as much as something like the Nike ZoomX Invincible which is way more bouncy and energetic.
Brooks Aurora BL First Impressions and Comparisons to the Nike ZoomX Invincible
I personally think that's a good thing though as the Invincible is a bit too soft and squishy to go fast in it. The rocker of the Invincible doesn't help roll the foot effectively while the Glide Roll rocker of the Aurora BL gives quick turnover, combined with the DNA loft v3 foam, makes the run feel effortless. The upper in Aurora BL is also a lot more breathable than the upper in the Invincible even though Nike uses Flyknit on the shoe. Overall, the Nike ZoomX Invincible is a fun shoe to try but it's quite clunky for daily training and best used for easy/recovery pace while the Brooks Aurora BL is more like an all-rounder.
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Asics Novablast 2
You kinda get a similar experience to the ZoomX Invincible, but with less bulk and a bit less softness and cushion. In turn, it is $50 cheaper, less clunky, more nimble, and probably a bit better picking up the pace. It is the same weight for a bit less cushioned of a shoe in the same size, but it comes out a little lighter since the Nova 2 runs a half size large. The Invincible is also way more capable of picking up the pace than it should be at that bulkiness.
Once I started running they still felt incredibly firm, but it does feel like they're absorbing impact. It wasn't harsh on my foot or legs.
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Buyer's Guide Nike ZoomX Invincible is a shoe designed specifically for basketball players who play on hard courts. Its unique design makes it ideal for playing on hard courts because its upper material is constructed using Flywire technology which gives the shoe superior support and durability. The...
4 months ago
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Current 3-Shoe Rotation (Hoka Rocket X, Adidas Boston 9, Nike Invincible)
I run about 60-70% of my weekly miles in this shoe. Nike Invincible - The slow shoe. This is the recovery shoe that I wear if I'm feeling a little beat up before my rest day. The shoe itself was a bit disappointing at first, but once I realized what it was good at, I am warming up to it.
Skechers MaxRoad 5…can’t get over how much I am enjoying a Skechers running shoe
I will say I also owned the Nike Invincible before sending it back…I would take the MR5 100% of the time over the Invincible…I am intrigued to try the NovaBlast 2 but my general impression from reviewers is that it’s a slightly heavier MR5




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