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  • Great for audiophiles
  • Excellent on-board phono section
  • Onboard Dirac Live room correction
  • No USB type B port for computer connection
  • Occasionally wonky AirPlay 2 streaming


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NAD M33 Review - Awesome, smart and strong
It not only helps the bass reproduction, but also makes it possible to hear details in the midrange range that was previously muted. The effect is not as overwhelming as on the Lyngdorf TDAI-3400, but it still shows that room correction can make the difference between good sound and really good sound. (Photo: HiFi Klubben) The NAD M33 is not just an improvement on an already successful high-end amplifier
4 months ago
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New 2.1 setup. NAD M33, KEF R11, AND REL 1205 sub
Wanted something integrated with a built-in streamer, HDMI input, and something that would hopefully be a good match for my KEF R11s. With the NAD M33 I think I made a good choice. I've been pretty happy so far.
Shaking down the LS50 Meta
The Focals on the floor are still wired and able to be used with the NAD M33 (centre shelf left alcove). The Kanta is a brilliant piece of kit for this sort of work; it’s commendably easy to drive and responds very faithfully to the equipment they’re connected to.
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M33 - NAD Electronics
Rigid panels with magnetic iso-point feet provide a solid foundation for the multi-layer circuit boards and intricate internal construction. The M33 employs a completely modern and fresh take on the traditional stereo amplifier, with features and performance from the future. Smart Home Integration Made Easy
4 months ago
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New 2.1 setup. NAD M33, KEF R11, AND REL 1205 sub
You’re made a great choice with the NAD M33! I love mine. Sold my AVR, my preamp, my power amp, and upgraded speakers from KEF LS50 to KEF R3s. Couldn’t be happier with the setup. The M33 ticks a lot of boxes. Your setup looks great. Enjoy!
Class A/B or Class D?
Whatever sounds good. You can find great example of each these days. My favourite AB amps are Simaudio. The NAD M33 and other Purifi amps are getting great reviews... end of the day It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks just listen to your ears.
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What do you think of DAC+Amplifiers and why are they so expensive?
I don’t mean this to come out the wrong way but the NAD M33 would be waisted on your speakers. You won’t hear hardly any sonic benefit from making that step until you invest more into your speakers. That should be your next upgrade. Or do something like the getting the NAD C388 and investing the remainder of the 5K that you would have spent on the M33 on speakers.
NAD M33 Review
A loudspeaker cannot have enough low frequency energy, an amplifier cannot have enough power and bass control to endure this without an accident. Even systems in the six-figure price range easily reach their limits here.The M33 was also shown these limits, but proved itself more than respectably up to this point
4 months ago
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What will improve my system more.
1000$ for a Dac is bit ridiculous and very un-needed especially if you havn't worked on room acoustics, and spending an extra 1500$ for a dac/amp upgrade is just as un-needed. If you wanted a tube to try out the look at the Reisong A10, it's a very well built tube amp but for less money. If anything just sell all that and save up for something like a Naim Unity Star or something with Room Correction like a NAD M33 which would set you up for basically until you feel like blowing more cash.
Everything is perfect, now change.
Most real room treatment solutions are expensive, bulky, and an eyesore. If you were already thinking of simplifying in favor of an integrated, why not sell some off that stuff in favor of something like an NAD M33 with Dirac Live capability, and then take a vacation with the rest? Add a Roon server/subscription to ease use for the family? - although the BluOS app is nothing to sneeze at.


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