Logitech G903

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  • Made for both left and right-handed users
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Wireless or wired mode
  • Premium device with a number of features
  • Low quality switches - Double clicking issue


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Double clicks after 9 months, Logitech support giving me the runaround
The media could not be loaded. As many other reviewers pointed out, this mouse uses very poor quality switches. It's now double clicking for me after around 9 months. I contacted support, but they are giving the runaround... They've asked me to capture videos showing that this mouse double clicks!! ...
Ron M.
2 years ago
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Logitech G903 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse and Powerplay Charging Mat Review
In my testing, the G903 consistently performed without any latency or sluggishness, delivering the snappy responsiveness one would expect from a top-tier gaming mouse. I put the G903 to work playing Destiny 2 and Heroes of the Storm($78.51 at Amazon)(Opens in a new window)
Alice Newcome-Beill
5 months ago
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Screw you r/MouseReview I was a sane man before this sub. AMA
I went through G 403>G Pro>G305>G Pro Wireless>G903 before even discovering this sub. And for all that I'd say my aim has gotten even worse lmao. I don't even play competitive games anymore, but like to have a setup like I do. Custom keyboard 165hz monitor and all that shit, just to play RPG's and scream "Poggers" at NPCs.
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Logitech G903 Modification(111g to 71g) + Double Click Repair
In 2017 I bought g903, and it got a double click issue. I contacted Logitech, and they confirmed my mouse had a problem.
My Favorite Mouse
IMO other than weight this mouse is MUCH better than the Deathadder V2 Pro.
Logitech Lightspeed G903 review - ambidextrous gaming goodness?
Doing so allows you to then press the button underneath the mouse, the textured one to then switch between these profiles, and you can get up to five different profiles that you can customize within the software. So you can see there are plenty of different options for customizing. This Mouse within the software hope you found this video useful
The Provoked Prawn
5 months ago
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A downgrade from other models, no Middle-Mouse-Button Click, and double click issues
I now own 3 different models of the G900 series of mice: The original G900, the G903 SE, and the G903 Lightspeed (this model being reviewed). They are apparently switched to cheaper manufacturing and parts, because there is no longer an audible or tactile feedback from pressing the Middle-Mouse-Butt...
Chris C.
2 years ago
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G PRO Wireless for £67 - Prime Day Deal
Unlike with g903, I still have not experienced dclicking issues even with the og 50m one. The new ones with g1 switch seem to be solid and they should last the expected life of the mouse (2-3 years).
The Razer Deathadder V2 Pro is the best mouse I've ever done used!
I finally hit Plat in Valorant and hit a 27 in the hard mode practice range with this mouse. The highest before that was a 23 with the Pwnage Ergo. The glide is amazing, it's not too big, not too light, not too heavy, and fits just right for palm/claw grippers with medium size hands.




DPI Range

200-1200 dpi

Report Rate

1 ms

Sensor Type