Logitech G603

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  • Great for a day then the scroll wheel stopped working properly
  • Scrolling is MESSED UP


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Super common scrolling issues
Worked great for a day then the scroll wheel stopped working properly. It scrolls the opposite direction 1/3 the time randomly, making the scroll wheel useless. I downloaded updated firmware made specifically to fix "intermittent scrolling issues". Didn't help at all and I noticed that there were TO...
4 years ago
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Logitech G603 LIGHTSPEED
The Logitech G603 LIGHTSPEED is a great wireless gaming mouse in Logitech's G Series lineup. It offers what most gamers are looking for, such as low click latency, a high polling rate, a wide CPI range, and minimal CPI variation. You can also adjust the CPI in increments of 50 and it has a real...
Kelsey Linhares
5 months ago
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One of my most unusual mice I ever owned: M1K-W
I learned to fingertip grip my G305 and the transition was almost seamless. Since this is still a Logitech G603 under the shell, the Logitech Gaming software (or GHub or OnboardMemoryManager for competition) can still be used. The battery indicator in the software doesn't work though, but it is estimated to last 50h between charges. Despite this, the mouse still goes to sleep after inactivity.
1 year ago
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Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review
But if you're willing to give up illuminated flare, an abundance of buttons, and extremely precise control for greater mousing freedom, the Logitech G603 should do the trick. If you're willing to give up lighting, oodles of buttons, and extremely precise control for greater mousing freedom when you play, the Logitech G603 won't disappoint.
Tom Brant
5 months ago
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Just buying mice is not always enough
I’ve bought G603 the first couple of years. It was all good, except for slippery coating. I didn’t think about grip tape back then so started trying other mice. (Viper Ultimate doesn’t need any additional taping, but price was really good so I decided to get anyways).
A teeny-tiny VELKA 7 portable home office build.
FYI this system has a Ryzen 3900 (undervolted, but will be swapped for something more efficient), 32 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX ram, CORSAIR SF750 PSU and insane RTX 3080 ti (also only just for sh..and giggles - I do not recommend to use this GPU in this case at all BTW). What is constant though is the PSU, RAM, Logitech G603 mouse, Logitech G915 keyboard (although looking to swap it for smaller keyboard with numpad) and especially the ASUS ROG Zenscreen XG17AHPE with 240hz panel (super slim and super fast with a good screen size for travel).
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Poor quality, do not buy. Breaks quickly and has no warranty support.
I bought the G603 in April 2018. By mid June 2018 the center mouse wheel was no longer working correctly. Scrolling would make the cursor go a random direction. Searching the internet found this to be a common problem, with a firmware update recommended. I updated to the latest Logitech firmware but...
David Lamberger
4 years ago
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Logitech G603 & G613 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse - 18 MONTHS of Battery Life?
I really could not feel the difference between it and the g43 wired. So we have fantastic performance: great lift off distance, no acceleration at my 500 and 800 dpi profiles and then all-around good and a necessary release on the G 603, always stay charged with linky power up power, banks, Houston gorgeous aluminum enclosure, with dual USB and type C Port with support for a quick charge 3.0 to get two devices recharged fast available up to twenty thousand one hundred million power capacities check them out in the description below and so
Hardware Canucks
5 months ago
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Need mouse recommendation for 20x10 fingertip grip - G Pro uncomfortable and too small
The only mouse I’ve liked a lot is the G603 and the EC1-A (my current main). But I’m in a similar boat where I’m tryna find a wireless mouse that weighs a little less to free myself from cables. I ironically was looking for a GPRO.
I expected more from Logitech.
The scrolling is MESSED UP. The scrolling can stop, or reverse, halfway through scrolling. It is impossible to zoom in/out programs like unreal engine or games. This has been a problem for months now. I have kept up to date with the firmware updates released through LGS, and each update says "Fixed ...
Justin Kephart
4 years ago
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