Logitech G502 Hero

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  • Great for FPS games
  • Mouse is very well built
  • Scroll wheel is a bit annoying
  • Software is easy to use
  • Skinnier than the G500s


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Ask HN: What do you dislike about your current mouse?
Short of that I could do with one that fits to my palm better. I recently picked up a Logitech g502 hero, there's a whole subreddit about that mouse I guess. Before that I had a Mionix Naos 8200, which was also quite good.
My G502 Hero has so many clicking/dragging issues it's unbelievable. Contacted the customer support and it's like they're making the diagnosis/return hard and complicated on purpose in order to deter customers for refunding their malfunctioning devices.
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Great mouse, except the one flaw
I'm no 187329871 IQ pro gamer it's got enough buttons for me. The button location are solid enough for me to be satisfied the only issue I have with this mouse is that the scroll wheel now spins freely and is one hell of a headache playing most fps games as the wheel usually switches weapons in most...
4 years ago
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Not ready for anyone but super, super users! Even worse, if you own other Logitech gear ...
Hello, I own several Logitech devices. They are: Gamepad/Controller: F710 and F310 Camera: C910 Headset: G933 Keyboard: G105 Mouse: G502 Hero The Logitech G Hub software I use for the Keyboard and Headset is 8.82.151. The camera has its own and I have to run an old version of Logitech Gaming Softwar...
Bert in Chicago who is a happy and loyal Amazon Customer. :-)
2 months ago
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Logitech G502 HERO
The Logitech G502 HERO is a wired gaming mouse that feels very well-built. Its right-handed shape offers ergonomic support with a thumb rest, and it has a ton of programmable buttons, including a sniper button. It also has very low click latency and a wide CPI range. Though it's rather heavy compare...
Samuel Breton
7 months ago
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Logitech G502 Hero review: A slight improvement on an old standard
At a Glance
Incredibly comfortableButtons now rated for 50 million clicksHero sensor performs as well as the PWM3366More expensive than the previous model, but not much has changedFairly heavy, which might dissuade some usersStill no wireless optionLogitech’s latest G502 revision swaps in the new H...
Click/Double Click Issues All the Time...
This would be a wonderful mouse other than the constant click/double click issue. The first one I had for a very short time. During that time I was doing a lot of gaming/designing and the click issue showed up very quickly. Amazon was great and provided an exchange. During the time I had the new one...
3 years ago
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Replaced G300S
I got this to replace my G300S mouse that I broke accidentally. That mouse was my favorite mouse ever. The buttons were placed is such great spots - two buttons on the right click side was easily accessible by my middle finger. I couldn't find any mouse that had programmable keys in the same spots s...
Joyce C.
14 days ago
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A solid mouse based on a classic design
Maybe you're wondering why we reviewed the Logitech G502 back in 2018. The reasoning is sound: this mouse is so good that Logitech has kept it around for years, and the upgraded Logitech G502 – as well as its wireless model, the Logitech G502 Lightspeed – gave us an extra reason to go ba...
53 years ago
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I’m a big Razer guy, I even have the basilisk ultimate. But this is so true.
I have used both, ordered the Razer Balisk Ultimate, used it a few weeks but returned it to Amazon, once Logitech replaced my G502 Hero under warranty. Logitech definitely has some quality control issues and don’t make them like they used to.
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