LG CordZero A9

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  • Great for pet owners
  • Easy to assemble out of the box
  • Freestanding stand
  • Good suction
  • Picks up dog hair without collecting it on the brush roller


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Overpriced, Flimsy Junk!
I was thrilled with this vacuum as it was leaps and bounds above the DYSON. The best part was the removable battery and extra battery pack. However, I was shocked when the plastic tube from the motor unit broke off in the handle. This never should have happened in a vacuum at this price point. As mu...
8 months ago
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Do not buy if you have indoor pets
I bought this vacuum because it was top rated by Consumer Reports. They obviously didn’t test the ease of emptying the vacuums they tested, otherwise the LG model would have been rated _much_ lower. If you have house pets with long hair, don’t buy this vacuum. The dirt canister is nearly filled with...
3 years ago
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Beware of old Batteries!
I purchased this vacuumed April of 2021. I absolutely love the light weight and charging station with 2 batteries to switch out. The filters are so easy to clean out and picks up as much dirt and pet hair as my previous corded upright. BUT… the batteries must be older because both have already died....
9 months ago
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Had to pull out the big clump of dirt with my hand. A lot of hair got caught in the cyclone too and that was absolutely disgusting to clean. After that ordeal I concluded that because the short battery life rushes me clean fast and emptying the dirt bin is disgusting every time, that this vacuum was not convenient at all by a long shot. I then boxed it back up, returned it, and will expedite the process to get a Sebo or another Miele from one of the local vacuum shops.
Love the light weight and no cords
I love our LG cord zero vacuum. It may not be as powerful as our eureka cannister, but we are so much happier to vacuum when we don't have to haul around a big heavy vacuum and deal with the cords. Love having 2 batteries and can get all of our 3000 sq ft house done (including stairs) with 2 batteri...
Michigan Mom
1 year ago
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Wyze Robot Vacuum
This is the first decent robot vacuum I've owned, it cleans really well, it auto empties, and it doesn't require disposable bags. It's cheap to operate, and auto empty vacuums are the most automated.
LG Cordzero A9 Kompressor Cordless Stick Vacuum Review
Let's get into some final thoughts about the Lg Cordless A9 Stick Vacuum. I think this is the most powerful bagless stick vacuum I have tested to date. so in terms of working vacuum, so I think that's a great thing
Performance Reviews
25 days ago
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Better than Dyson v11!!!
Let me start off by saying yes, this is one of the more expensive cordless stick vacuums but it is still less expensive than most of the Dyson v11 models (newest technology). Overall, I LOVE my LG vacuum!!! Pros: -Extremely lightweight at about 5 lbs -Suction power is excellent on normal mode -Sucks...
2 years ago
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The Quiet Giant
We had a Kirby in our home and if you know the machine it was very heavy and even noisier, but it did a great job so we were reluctant to go with what I thought would be a downgrade. But WOW was I wrong the quiet giant does a super job of taking care of that mondane task of vacuuming. Lightweight, l...
2 years ago
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After consulting this subforum, I was given the excellent advice to get an LG Cordzero A9 Charge. It was on sale for $329 at the time, making it the right cordless vacuum for my needs and budget. I've owned it for about a week, and so far so good.


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