LG 38GN950

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  • Great for gaming
  • Screen size is perfect for the right immersion
  • Refresh rate works as mentioned
  • It depends on the content you are using it for


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Fantastic Ultra Wide Monitor
Fantastic Ultra Wide Monitor The screen size is perfect for the right immersion for gaming and excellent for multi window work. The refresh rate works as mentioned. It depends on the content you are using it for but I have gotten 160hz refresh rate but you would need to have the heavy duty graphics ...
1 year ago
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That same person called back a week later to tell me they wouldn't or couldn't do that, and they would offer me a replacement monitor. I was asked to send him a few suggestions of monitors that I would be happy with since the 38GL950-G is discontinued (I wonder why!). I explained that there is currently only one LG monitor that comes close in specs, which is the 38GN950-B.
It was not noticeable at all unless you are actually spending the time to hunt for it and on a panel this large and this advanced I think a few dead pixels is fully understandable (unless it is the kind of pixel that is stuck on white or another color, right in the center of the screen, etc. Mine was just a dark pixel in the corner.). \- The refresh rate was okay (so so). I have a 1080Ti so I was not able to go above 120 Hz and above RGB in full resolution.
However, for general coding productivity I don't think this aspect ratio makes much sense. Yes, it's better than having two 2560x1440 monitors, but if you're looking for real estate you're better off getting a tradition 4K or a high-res UltraWide. The same goes for FPS games- a single view frustum just gets too distorted when you go beyond 21:9. Maybe this problem might get mitigated in the future as these extreme aspect ratios become more commonplace and engines employ methods to solve that problem.
LG 38GL950G-B: It's the predecessor to the 38GN950-B but seems to perform better than its succesor. Might be more difficult to get. The lack of consistency in the industry as well is also making it more hard. I believe it is better to get an older gen monitor as the newer generations are not per sé better versions.
Best 38" Ultra-Wide for gaming and productivity in Aug 2021?
Personally I would choose the AW3821DW just for the extra support on such an expensive product but if you want the “best” colour, brightness, response time, etc. then LG definitely make the best panels so the 38GN950 may be the best option for you (or the 38GL950G for native G-Sync).
Completely broken screen upon arrival.
Way too expensive of a product to be dead on arrival. Getting shipped right back and won't buy another.
9 months ago
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I have ascended! ROGX35 to LG38G950 with Ergotron LX Wallmount
I love that this sub is really embracing the 38GN950 (it has been a G9 fest for a while, in terms of top-tier setups). The aspect ratio (and really, the resolution) is amazing.
Upgrading from a 38UW?
I switched from a 34" uw to the G9 and then from the G9 to the 38GN950. The G9 will be shorter, but wider. I felt that the G9 was too short to begin with, so I guess the 32:9 aspect ratio just is not made for me. Upon getting the 38" uw it felt just right.
LG 38GN950-B
The LG 38GN950-B is a great ultrawide gaming monitor. It's the successor to the LG 38GL950G-B, but unlike its predecessor, it supports FreeSync natively instead of G-SYNC. It's certified as G-SYNC compatible, though, so those with an NVIDIA graphics card still get a nearly tear-free g...
Samuel Breton
3 months ago
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Screen shape


Backlight type


Maximum refresh rate

144 Hz

Digital vertical frequency

56 - 144 Hz