Krave Beauty Great Barrier Relief

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  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Helps with hyper pigmentation and post acne scarring
  • Works well as a moisturizer or primer
  • Contains squalane
  • Light, refreshing scent


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I Tried the $28 "Holy Grail" Face Serum Everyone Can't Stop Talking About on TikTok
IMO, it's definitely delivered on its claim to calm and soothe my skin.
2 months ago
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[shelfie] Current products and product graveyard
Krave Beauty Great Barrier Relief - caused red bumps. Cerave Eye Cream - basically burned off my entire under eye area. ​.
[Shelfie] My products for acne and redness prone, sensitive, combination skin! Questions encouraged:)
The krave beauty GBR is a creamy, lightweight serum/moisturizer with a faint earthy smell. This soothes my skin, reduces redness and inflammation from post acne marks and active acne, and has helped so much in strengthening my barrier during differin use.
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NEW OR NEED HELP? Ask here! - ScA Daily Help Thread Jun 07, 2021
*Moisturizer on top*: Krave Beauty Great Barrier Relief. *My skin*: combo/oily, mild adult acne, 31 yrs old. I was switching to the retinoid emulsion because I was experiencing some minor irritation from the .5% retinol in squalane.
NEW OR NEED HELP? Ask here! - ScA Daily Help Thread Mar 12, 2021
Krave Beauty Great Barrier Relief. Cerave Daily Moisturizing Lotion.
[misc] What is your holy grail product and why?
- Krave Beauty Great Barrier Relief: I use this on days where I have zero time for serums and/or my skin is irritated. It works as a decent light moisturizer for me!
[B&A] I Had Skin Issues Since 12 Years old. It has been quite a long journey.
* Krave Beauty Great Barrier Relief (This is treating my hyperpigmentation currently. Idk if it works but it feels great).
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[Routine Help] Very dry, sensitive skin, with damaged barrier
⁠Krave Beauty Great Barrier Relief. 7.
[routine help] looking for a face cream with these ingredients!
Krave Beauty Great Barrier Relief
EDIT: Eucerin Dry Skin Replenishing Face Cream ✌️
AB products for DRY, acne-prone skin?
I don't have dry skin per say (leaning more towards combination with oily t-zone) but one product that really calms my skin down is Krave Beauty Great Barrier Relief.