Koss Porta Pro

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  • Great for all types of music
  • Sound is crisp and clean
  • They are durable
  • Bass output is incredible and deep


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Koss PortaPro (with Case) review: Koss PortaPro (with Case)
In contrast, the PortaPros simply blew us away with their range and ability to maintain quality at a high volume. We pumped several songs in a wide variety of genres through the headphones and each one produced a focused sound in the midrange with detailed resolution in the highs and surprisingly thick, head-shaking bass. Our MP3 of "Fatalist Palmistry" by Why?
Justin Yu
5 months ago
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The truth about the cheap "Endgame Meme" Headphones/Earphones
But for their price, I would take them over most headphones under $100, and that's impressive at their price point. (Sorry superlux, Samson & SHP9500 fans).
Me and My Beginner collection!
So, I'm currently rocking the Koss Porta Pro's. This is essentially my first audio setup.
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Reinventing a classic pair of headphones isn’t easy
Nothing spectacular, nobody has showered me with praise for my dulcet tones after a call, but it gets the job done. I’m also pleased with the battery of these wireless headphones, which Koss rates to last for more than 12 hours and which I’ve yet to fully exhaust even once. After 3- and 4-hour listening sessions, the Porta Pro Wireless tend to still have more than 80 percent of their charge remaining, and I never feel in danger of running them down too quickly
Vlad Savov
5 months ago
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But also the voice should be clear. I loved how the Koss Porta Pro's sounded as if the artist would stand next to you and sing into your ear!. What would be a good starter headphone? I will be getting an amp/dac later.
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Quick list of Pros and Cons for these wonderful headphones!
Thousands of reviews already posted, so I'm sure it's all been stated. I've owned them for about a year now. I listen to all kinds of music with them on my smartphone and laptop. My pros, cons, and conclusion below: Pros + + great overall sound quality, probably unbeatable at this or even double thi...
7 years ago
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Sony XM4 impressions - surprisingly good with EQ
The main issue is that you can control mid bass frequencies. It would have been better to have a 100-200hz control than 400hz. Anyway, on to the headphones.
So I got the Porta Pros
The detail and definition is fine, but don't expect it to be anything super amazing. All of my other far more expensive headphones outdo the Porta Pro by far. Still good for the 50€ that they cost for me.
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Porta Pro still had too much bass, though less muddy overall, and the headband KSC75 became too boomy. I'm so glad I didn't just get the Porta Pro as I would have been sorely disappointed. And just so you know I did try equalizing them, which did improve the sound, but still sounded wrong compared to the stock KSC75. After 2 weeks I ended up giving away the Porta Pro and keeping the KSC75, which is the opposite of what I thought I would be doing.
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Koss Porta Pro KTC
The Koss Porta Pro KTC are decent-sounding and portable on-ear headphones for critical listening and mixed usage. They're lightweight, comfortable, and have a compact, retro design that will work for some. They also have a decently balanced and open sound for an on-ear device although they...
Sam Vafaei
1 month ago
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