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Koss KSC75 Ear Clips

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  • Great for running
  • Good sound for what they are
  • Allow you to hear what's going on around you, to a degree
  • Tech savvy
  • Lasts about a year


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The 6 Best Earbuds And Headphones Under $20 - Spring 2022
The best headphones under $20 with an on-ear design that we've tested are the Koss KSC75. They have a unique clip-on design that's very lightweight and ensures a stable, secure fit without putting any pressure across the top of your head.
6 months ago
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The truth about the cheap "Endgame Meme" Headphones/Earphones
Because they're actually good!. The KSC75 are $18 open back clip on headphones, and the Quarks are $13 IEMs, and they are both shockingly good sounding for the price. Now obviously they're not amazing in technical detail. But for their price, I would take them over most headphones under $100, and that's impressive at their price point.
On my 3rd pair, might've figured out the problem
So while I love these headphones, I'm on my third pair now, they last about a year for me before dieing. At first I thought it was failing cables, but whenever I opened the headphones up, there was no continuity between the two sides of the driver, so it turns out the problem is the micro wires goin...
3 years ago
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All the great reviews are right!!
I had reviewed two other sports headphones before I found the Koss set. My review of the Koss is below, and below that my original reviews of the others for comparison. I was skeptical that $20 headphones could compete with the much more expensive ones. Delighted to find I was totally wrong!! Koss K...
10 years ago
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I did a thing. It is amazing.
KSC75 with basically a Parts Express headband (I got generic Hama headphones for 5€ since the PE headband is quite expensive in Europe due to import fees) and some third party Grado G cushion knock offs.
Looking for thin-looking headphone like sony walkman's
Koss is your best bet, most companies don't make headphones like that except them because their entire lineup keeps designs going back to the 70s and 80s.
Koss Porta Pros, the KPH30i, or the KSC75 + Parts Express Headband will all work for you
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You can actually hear the bass guitar pretty clearly. Bands with heavier sound like Insomnium, Slumber, Death Angel, Children of Bodom and death metal in general have a more claustrophobic sound, with less clearly defined instruments (I attribute this to the mixing and not the headphones) but the ksc75 handles them miles better than the muddy Porta Pros. I'm hearing sounds I never heard before in songs I've listened to so many times before. Honestly these headphones will surprise you.
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Infuriating for a serious runner/athlete, do not buy for any purpose other than sitting
Yes, I get that these sound great, Koss makes great sounding phones and these are no exception. But enough about that, there is a whole lot else that makes headphones work well and stand apart from just duct taping high quality speakers to my ears (in hindsight that would solve most of my problems w...
Bob Lob (Law)
7 years ago
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Good home gym headphones
These are comfortable to wear and stay secure during exercise. The sound quality is good and better than I had expected. I like that the design doesn’t require that they go in my ear canals and don’t block outside sound so I can hear if someone is trying to talk to me. They seem too fragile a lot of...
Chase G.
2 months ago
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Pretty good, but the Panasonic competitor is better
I use my earphones while (1) Riding on the bus, (2) Riding on my bicycle, (3) Walking and hiking, and rarely otherwise. Top sound quality is something I would like to have, but I'll never get it, even with the finest earphones, because I use them in noisy environments. Fairly good sound is the best ...
Daniel Brockman
9 years ago
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