Korg D1

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  • Great for home use
  • No speakers or drum patterns
  • Not the best "first piano for the living room and kids to learn on"
  • Smaller form factor than other digital pianos with no built in
  • Full midi I/O


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Highend keyboard action at consumer piano price.
I think this is best described as a gigging digital piano, and not the best "first piano for the living room and kids to learn on". I'll explain, other digital pianos have built in speakers, drum patterns and similar "family digital piano" type of features. This one doesn't have speakers and no drum...
J. Skaggs
4 years ago
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Topping DX7s DAC / PRE is a flawless product and a unique bargain
Utterly inoffensive. After a few hours of listening I’m not missing anything from my fully kitted out D1+. My test tracks are FLACs of Tom Waits, Outkast, Nora Jones, Carly Rae Jepsen, Tame Impala, Van Morrison, and Bill Withers.
Korg D1 keyboard piano/MIDI controller review - Higher Hz
If all you need is a controller, you should buy something cheaper. But, if you go between the stage and the studio, the D1 is awesome. Build quality 4
3 months ago
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Great, portable keyboard for learning or performing. Shipping is scary.
This is an amazing digital piano. The weighted keys feel great and the sound is awesome. This is my first purchase of a digital piano, as I have an upright piano at home. I purchased this because I wanted something I could play at night without disturbing others in the house, and to travel when I am...
4 years ago
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Korg D1 Digital Piano Review 2022 - New Digital Piano Review
Highlighting Korg’s touted RH3 “genuine mallet” keybed at a mid-extend value, the D1 packs 88 weighted sledge activity keys into a smaller casing with 30 fixes and worked in impacts.
Works great
The key board arrived with server keys in the lower end stuck as solid wood, it won't move at all. I tried to shake it gently, didn't help. When my wife who knows nothing about key boards and pouched each of the keys, all of them started working! After that it works great, nothing to complain.
2 years ago
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[Review] Korg D1 Digital Piano ✅ My 33 Days Experience
“ Click here to see owner reviews of Korg-D1 on Amazon ”That’s all from our end hope this Korg D1 review helped you guys to make a better decision.Till then,Keep Playing and Spread Love.
3 months ago
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Is the $600 KORG D1 Piano a Bargain?
I think the Casio px-s1000 is the one that doesn't look like it can withstand a lot of fussing about it.
Jeremy See
3 months ago
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Digital piano choice for beginner/intermediate
FYI, the Korg D1 is around €600, and has the top-end Korg keyboard action - it's quite a lot better than the B2. I doesn't have any speakers though, so you need to either hook some up or use headphones. The ES110 suggestion is also good - it's similar to the CN17 (just slightly worse key action and sound, and no USB MIDI).
You have $4,500 to spend on synthesizers/vst/workstation…
Korg D1 has the good Korg action which is totally playable. Then a softsynth like Pigments or Serum, then maybe somthing cool like a Moog Grandmother or whatever. Probably have to throw in some sort of "real instruments" sample library too.




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18.38 Kilograms

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52.24 x 10.35 x 5.04 inches