Kobo Nia

Kobo Nia

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Great affordability
Ability to access free library books through Overdrive
Small size and lightweight design
Easy setup
Ability to read various formats
Not as responsive as other e-readers on the market
Lower screen resolution compared to other e-readers
Lack of warm lighting


Overall, the Kobo Nia receives mixed reviews. Some users appreciate its affordability and ability to access free library books through Overdrive, while others find it slow and lacking in features compared to other e-readers on the market. The device's small size and lightweight design are generally praised, but its lower screen resolution and lack of warm lighting are noted as drawbacks. Users recommend considering other Kobo models, such as the Clara HD, for those willing to spend a bit more. The ability to read various formats and easy setup are mentioned as positives, but the device's limitations with PDFs and audio are noted.


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Display Technology

E Ink

Screen Size

6 Inches

Memory Storage Capacity

8 GB


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