Jamis Renegade

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  • Great for the rough stuff
  • Clever chassis, good value and very good in the rough
  • Weighty wheels and slow on-road tyre performance
  • Immediate Media
  • TRP’s hybrid cable/hydraulic brakes offer superb power and control


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2021 Jamis Renegade Range Updated
The entire Jamis Renegade lineup has been updated for 2021, including some frame tweaks, new build kits, and updated paint jobs. Find all the details on the refreshed Renegade range here...
Jamis just rolled out their entire 2021 Renegade gravel bike lineup, which includes two carbon, three steel,...
2 months ago
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Looking to Get Less Aero
I just picked up a steel Jamis renegade. I’ve Got to say it’s quite the bike. Feels playful and fast with workhorse ability. It covers many, if not all the bases for me. Oh and the Reynolds steel makes it lighter than a number of other steel bikes.
Winter commute with my Renegade, North st bag, and Rene Herse knobbies.
2020 Jamis Renegade with 650b DT Swiss 481s and Rene Herse Umtanum Ridge back and Juniper Ridge front. Also upgraded to Ritchey venturemax wcs handlebars. North St Woodward convertible backpack has been great in summer and winter commuting to the hospital I work at. So much room and very easy to convert from pannier to backpack and vice versa.
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Looking for a road or gravel bike with the price rang of 1,500-1,800 dollars.
Check out the Jamis Renegade. It's got a wide range of sizes, configurations, and price points. It does great on all surfaces.
Neighbour/ bike mechanic selling a Giant tcx slr 1 (2018) for $1700 CAD ($1400). I may need rack mounts for hard shell camera bag transports when my back gets tired. Wait and order something new or just buy?
I need a long hauler that's fast on the road (city streets with streetcar tracks, etc) and agile on the trails for 2-3x weekly work commute (around 40km). This bike fits me, it's easily available and the price is low in comparison to ordering a steel with racks (would be $3K for a Jamis Renegade or something similar and I'd wait for a long time).
Jamis Renegade Expert review
Just an upgrade away from true off-road ability and on-road speed
GBP £1,400.00 RRP | USD $2,399.00 Skip to view deals By Warren Rossiter Published: November 6, 2015 at 8:00 am
A great value all-rounder that’s a sure-fire hit on dirt, if a little sluggish on the road Buy if, You want the thrill...
2 months ago
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Bike for short men follow up.
Another option, just because bikes are hard to find it's good to have options, the Jamis Renegade comes in 44cm frame with 650b wheels. Its somewhere in between these two bikes being a true gravel design like the diverge but less upright and quicker steering. The A1 and S4 specs might fit your budget.
Anybody revert back to Aluminum after expensive Carbon purchases?
If you want a frame that can be a beater, steel is the way to go. Jamis makes great steel frames and I can't say enough about the Jamis Renegade S2 series. Still a bit pricey (mine was $1200 usd before tax) but it's a tank!.
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My LBS is finally letting people pre-order Jamis Renegade bikes! I was gonna get the S4, but the guy at the store was curious about the S3. He looked at it and said nothing is wrong with the S4, but unless I am really hung on the color, I am better spending the small premium on the S3. I thought he was trying to push me to spend more, but he laughed and said he doesn't make commission and if it was him, he would rather buy the Aluminum version and save money.
Tell me why I should NOT buy a gravel bike
I was in your boat and got a Jamis Renegade and was so happy I did. I had a Trek FX with those wire bead Pathfinder 38’s, and even put flares bars to make it more comfortable. The FX can do gravel, it’s quite fine. I even thought gravel bikes were just the a marketing tactic, but it Renegade S3 perfectly fit for a suburban dad bike for commuting and hauling the kid trailer.
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