Hurom H-AA-LBB17


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Hurom H-AA-LBB17

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Great performance and sleek design
Quiet and easy to clean
Provides high quality juice with a high yield
Comes with a small change that makes cleaning easier
Works well with pomegranate and leafy greens
Not able to handle fibrous greens well
Some customers have had durability issues
Customer service provided by Hurom has been disappointing for some customers


The Hurom H-AA-LBB17 juicer has received mixed reviews from customers. While some praise its high performance and sleek design, others have had issues with its ability to handle fibrous greens and its durability. The cleaning process is generally considered standard, but some have found it difficult to clean out all the pulp. The juicer is quiet and easy to clean, but there have been complaints about the customer service provided by Hurom. Overall, the Hurom H-AA-LBB17 juicer has both satisfied and disappointed customers.





Rose Gold

Product Dimensions

7.1"D x 16"W x 7.1"H




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