HiSense A5c

HiSense A5c

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Great compatibility with other models
Available used on Ebay
Can be rooted by some users
Operates above 3G in the USA
Compatible with A5, A5C, A6, and A6L models
Not commonly found on Ebay
Difficult to find new
Limited availability in the USA


The HiSense A5c is a good phone that can be found used on Ebay. It has been rooted by some users, but this is not common. It operates above 3G in the USA and is compatible with A5, A5C, A6, and A6L models. Pros of the HiSense A5c include its compatibility with other models, availability on Ebay, and ability to be rooted. Cons include its rarity on Ebay and difficulty in finding it new.


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