Hansa Teutonica

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  • Great for players who like to take turns
  • A lot of fun and rewarding
  • Simple rules with a lot of take that elements
  • Unique player interaction due to one-of-a kind displacement mechanic
  • 2020 update is a great edition to the game


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Great Game with a Classic Feel!
I have been looking for the big box version of this game for awhile since it’s been out of print. I was lucky to find a seller that had it for a good price shipped for free and arrived with no dents on the box! This game is great, it has simple rules and a lot of take that elements that make this eu...
2 years ago
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Hansa Teutonica Big Box Game Review – Meeple Mountain
That, and the Big Box. The more boards in a box, the better; the expansions keep things fresh.
3 months ago
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Z-Man Games drops the Euro Classics line
The article makes the point that SU&SD and NPI are critical to the success of a classic euro reprint. If the popular Youtube channels cover the game, then it will sell (e.g. I think SU&SD really helped the recent Hansa Teutonica reprint). Otherwise, the sales figures will be quite dismal.
Yeah baby! Shut Up and Sit Down review Hansa Teutonica!
Hansa teutonica is my favourite type of game, a high interaction euro that plays in under an hour. I really hope people don’t avoid the game based off of the theme/ presentation because it’s really great.
What’s a highly interactive board game that ISN’T mean?
Hansa Teutonica is a highly interactive euro with tons of depth. It has an interesting blocking and bumping mechanism which helps sand off the mean edges. Just one side note don’t be afraid of mean games.
10 Games That Hit Above Their Box Size (And Some Games that Don't)
Food Chain Magnate and Bus are both brain burners in shallow euro boxes. Hansa Teutonica: Big Box is tiny but has tons of content and is just a magnificent game...and it sold for $35...just incredible. Sidereal Confluence is a Ticket to Ride Box, and is basically just decks of cards and cubes, but it will consume the entire surface area of any table and play up to 9 people for 2-3 hours.
Hansa Teutonica
(Review by Selwyn Ward)#HansaTeutonica #expansion #Brettspiel #eurogame #boardgame #tradinggame.
3 months ago
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What game did you think you wouldn't like, but ended up loving?
Hansa Teutonica. Had just finished a 12 hour work day digging trenches in 89°F heat with high humidity and was invited to play games. We just played a max player game of Resistance (new release at the time) and then everyone breaks up for drinks/snacks and this guy brings out Hansa Teutonica and I look at the box art and just stare at him like I'm already tired as shit why would you want me to fall asleep?
The rise of way too much plastic
IIRC, Ambush, 18CZ, Anno 1800, Hansa Teutonica, Brass: Birmingham, Dominant Species: Marine, My City, Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden, Lorenzo il Magnifico, and all the smaller box games had little to no plastic other than the occasional insert and bags. And financial-wise if I'd gone all in on one or two of the big splashy kickstarters or FFG games over the past year or two there would have been no money left in the budget to buy more than 1-2 other games, if any, from our wishlist.
The box arrived with a big hole in the back
The box arrived with a big hole in the back…..so looking forward to this game and so sad now….
10 months ago
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