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  • Great for EDC
  • Very nice knife
  • Overall, this knife is cool
  • If you don't fidget with your knives, then this review is not for you
  • There is a SERIOUS lack of quality control with these


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An absolute beast for the price
I own and carry a lot of knives, from Benchmade Bugout/Bailout/Anthem (I live in Portland so I'm obligated to be a Benchmade fanboy) to more fancy stuff like Three Rivers Neutron / Atom. For the price, this thing is incredibly compelling. Civivi is a WE knives brand oriented towards the more afforda...
Dean D.
1 year ago
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What are your major disagreements with the Internet Knife Community?
The Grimsmo Norseman is ugly as hell and wayoverpriced. Also, the drop shut guillotine action it has is because of its stupid platypus blade shape that puts a bunch of weight at the tip.
10 months ago
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What a Knife!
I have been through a lot of budget knives and nothing has come remotely close the the Civivi Brazen. In day to day life, the only thing premium knives in this class do better it to be lighter. This is a fidgeter's dream come true. The knife fires perfectly as a flipper. The pressure on the detent i...
1 year ago
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John Grimsmo - Norseman - Fort Henry Custom Knives
Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to be a Dealer for John Grimsmo This is “The Norseman” – an artistic Framelock by John Grimsmo with an exciting Modified Recurve Tanto Blade shape. The ergonomics of this knife are wonderful, designed to be a slim blade in a full size carry handle. The Frame is Solid Titanium with John’s Honey 3D Texture on the front, this not only creates a striking visual but provides a texture to enhance your Grip
Great knife
Very nice knife. Nothing to fancy. G10 grips D2 blade great action when opening. It came sharp but I reprofiled it to how I wanted it. Very good buy. For 50 bucks it’s a great buy. A+ buy
2 years ago
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Grimsmo Norseman Review — Everyday Commentary
Overall Score: 18 out of 20As a machined custom, the Norseman is very interesting. As the first folder by two truly talented knifemaking brothers, it is wonderful. As a break from normal, it is a breath of fresh air
The Grimsmo Norseman Pocketknife #3084: The Full Nick Shabazz Re-Review
Nine hundred and twenty-five bucks people interested that maybe that extra you know 300 bucks that I'm seeing in there doesn't matter so much. If we just look at the knife on the table, putting aside the price tag, putting aside the competition, the knife itself remains really really good. In fact, the knife itself remains a gem when the price is put into there, it's right at the borderline
Nick Shabazz
5 months ago
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for fidget-friendly seekers
Overall, this knife is cool. If you don't fidget with your knives, then this review is not for you. I got this knife bc it had all my civivi's are back or front flippers, so I was on the hunt for one with a thumb stud as well. Civivi back flippers always have pretty good action, but the thumb flicki...
9 months ago
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Civivi Brazen Tanto.....what's not to like?
This is my second Civivi knife and I think it's better than my excellent Praxis. The Brazen is just a little smaller, perfect for EDC. The tanto black D2 blade and burgundy G10 handles really set the knife off. The deep carry pocket clip is another big plus. Others have already covered the excellent...
9 months ago
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Grimsmo Norseman One Month EDC Review
So there you go guys um my thoughts on the grams of norsemen and i am gon na do just because i love this knife.
Scotch N Things
5 months ago
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