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Kershaw Link

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Meme Sunday?
Several years ago before I started collecting knives I would just buy a fairly cheap knife and carry it until I broke it,lost it or just decided to replace it.I carried a RAT 2 for a couple years before I lost it.I was at Lowe’s one day buying some drill bits for work which happened to be near their tiny knife area.I started to buy another Buck 110 but I decided I wanted to try something new.I wanted something “good” so I bought the SOG Flash 2.of course this was before I knew much about knives and at $70 it was the most expensive knife they had so I figured it was the best.after carrying it for a week or 2 I decided I hated it.It really got my hopes up because at this point $70 was the most I had ever spent on a knife and I thought $70 was expensive for a knife at the time.I was disappointed with the SOG and I still wanted a good knife so I started doing a little research.I ended up on BladeForums reading about “super steels” and noticed everyone was raving about M390 so I decided I wanted a knife in M390.I went to BladeHQ and KnifeCenter looking at all the different knives in M390 and quickly noticed those knives were a lot more than I was willing to spend.I was about to give up on the idea of buying a knife in M390 and then I stumbled across the Kershaw Link in M390 for $ first I figured BladeHQ messed up on the pricing when posting it.I went to KnifeCenter and seen it was $80 there as well so I got excited and ordered it immediately.when it came in the mail and I held it in my hand I instantly fell in love.I loved it was a flipper,I loved it was assisted(this was before I knew autos were legal and it felt like the closest I would get to an automatic knife..once again,I was a complete,I loved the semi-Tactical design and it just felt great in hand.then as I carried it for 3 weeks or so and I thought “damn,I cant believe I haven’t sharpened this thing yet and it’s still sharp enough to shave the hair off my arms” and this blew my mind.I liked that Kershaw Link so much when I seen the Bareknuckle had came out in 20CV and was just $110,I bought it turned out,I liked that Bareknuckle even more than the Link..after this I went Kershaw crazy.I seen a sprint run Knockout had just came out in M390 with carbon fiber scales for $130 so I bought it too.before I knew it I had premium versions of the Link,Bareknuckle,Leek,Dividend,Knockout and Skyline.then I started spending more time on BladeForums and noticed people really seemed to like ESEE,Spyderco,Benchmade,Microtech,Zero Tolerance,Hogue,etc.before I knew it I found a new hobby that I loved and I was spending hundreds of dollars every month on knives and that’s when I realized I had become trapped in the pit of this very for the novel but this is my story as another hopeless knife junky who is lost in my addiction 😂.
3 years ago


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