Glorious Model D Wireless

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  • Great for larger hands
  • Wireless and 6 button
  • Lightweight
  • Responsive
  • No QC issues


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Good mouse for palm grip. Very prominent branding.
Was starting to have issues with my older mouse, so I decided to replace it with this one because it is "full size", right handed, wireless and 6 button. I have larger hands and use a palm grip, and this mouse suits this use case quite well. If you use a different grip and/or have smaller hands, you...
7 months ago
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The survivors (out of the 32 different mice I've tried this year)
XLite Wireless. Corsair Sabre Pro. Glorious Model D. HKGaming Mira M.
Glorious Model D Wireless Review
On my copy, i think it is just a superb mouse with great build quality and great performance model d wireless is one of my top recommendations at a fair price, a reasonable package, a very good build quality package, at least as far as my copy switches that Feel fantastic, a sensor that feels fantastic and an enjoyable experience and very comfortable experience in game that feels snappy, responsive and something that you can definitely take confidence in. As far as being a pristine package and something that you're not going to be blowing money on because it is a solid feeling mouse out of the options on the market, if that helped guys, please leave a sub to the channel and i'll see you guys in The next review peace,.
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5 months ago
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and recently. I used glorious model d. The size is slightly smaller than the EC1, but there is no problem in using it.
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I don't know whether this was a mistake on Glorious or Amazon's end but I believe I was sent out a mouse that was already used/returned. Upon opening the box I noticed that the bag that contained "extra mouse feet" was empty. After looking at the bottom of my mouse I realized that someone had put on...
Public Reviewer Online
7 months ago
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G Pro X Superlight main fail
I was actually super hyped for this to be honest and after seeing this along the outdated port, I might just opt for the Glorious wireless instead. Shame.
2 years ago
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What are top wireless mice out there?
Roccat Kone Pro Air, Xtrfy M4 Wireless, Glorious Model D/D-/O- Wireless, Pulsar Xlite Wireless.
[Bundle] SteelSeries Glow-Up Bundle Arctis 1 Wireless headset, Apex 3 keyboard, Rival 3 Wireless mouse, and QcK mousepad - Black - $129.99 ($199.99 - $70.00)
Honestly could do a bit better for the same price/$10-$15 more. G305, Viper Mini, Glorious Model D/O ($40-$50). Any membrane or cheap mechanical on Amazon (Red Dragon K552 for $32). Either go for the Arctis 1 on Amazon for $80, or go for a kraken X for $50.
I have been using the model D wired for a long time and have always enjoyed the mouse. Very responsive, light, never had any issues. After the wireless version came out I was hesitant. I thought there would be a delay, something wouldn't work right etc. That was not the case. Immediately I could tel...
5 months ago
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Got this bad boy for $36
Found it on OfferUp for $36. I still think I prefer the shape of my Glorious Model D but I’m going to use it for a month. Any mod recommendations?



USB 2.0



Scrolling Capability

1 x Wheel

Operating System Supported

Windows, Mac, and Linux.