Glorious Model D Wireless

Glorious Model D Wireless

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Great build quality
Comfortable feel
Good performance
Fair price
Simple software
Not ideal for all grip styles or smaller hands
Potential issues with Glorious Core software
Some users have experienced issues with scroll wheel, battery life, and sensor


Overall, the Glorious Model D Wireless receives mixed reviews. Many users praise its build quality, performance, and comfortable feel, making it a top recommendation at a fair price. However, some users have experienced issues with the Glorious Core software, scroll wheel, battery life, and sensor. The mouse is generally well-suited for larger hands and palm grip, but may not be ideal for other grip styles or smaller hands. While some users have found it to be their benchmark mouse, others have returned it or opted for other options. The software is generally simple to use, but some users have had communication issues with it. Ultimately, the Glorious Model D Wireless may be a good choice for those who prioritize comfort and performance, but users should be aware of potential issues and consider their grip style and hand size before purchasing.


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Matte Black

Connectivity Technology

2.4GHz Wireless

Movement Detection Technology



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