Glorious Model D

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  • Great for medium sized hands
  • Good ergonomics and comfort
  • Some signal drop off during productivity hours
  • A little bit expensive


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Messed up price
The product is amazing but it is way over priced here on Amazon, be aware that it is 50$ on the glorious website but 90$ here for some reason
2 years ago
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Glorious PC Gaming Race Model D Gaming Mouse Review
With the Model D, Glorious PC Gaming Race shows that it knows what's most important about making a great gaming mouse.
Mike Epstein
4 months ago
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I buy one of them . Which one do you prefer?
The model d (ergo) is a great lightweight ergo option and the wireless that just came out took care of a lot of the QC issues they had on the past. The haste (ambi) like someone else said is the most underrated mouse period. It is just flat out amazing. Glorious also has the model O which is ambi as well but I’ve personally had QC issues with those as well.
1 year ago
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Getting the D: This mouse made me into a Glorious Believer
I am going to be completely honest here, when I bought the model D I thought it was just gonna be another boring ergo wireless mouse. But hot-damn this mouse is good, like way better than I expected. I loved using my Pulsar Xlite, but I feel silly now for calling it my main, because like an unhappy husband I got my eyes on this hot new thing(I should use this stupid joke on my reviews later lol). I been rotating between this and the Ninjutso Katana, and both mice just have been "chef's kiss" amazing.
1 year ago
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and recently. I used glorious model d. The size is slightly smaller than the EC1, but there is no problem in using it.
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Near perfect, remember to peel the blue plastic off the skates!
I bought the Glorious Model D and so far feel it was worth the money. I use a MX Master 2S everyday and love the ergonomics and comfort (palm/hybrid grip) that it gives having medium sized hands . But there is signal drop off every so often which during my productivity hours isn't a deal breaker. Bu...
Omar Zaragoza
2 years ago
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I do have an addiction
Like the model D- , i do like it but my copy is not that good. QC from Glorious has 2 over me so far... It is a bit too small for my hands, so i gave it to my girlfriend wich she says she's in love with it.
2 years ago
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Got this bad boy for $36
Found it on OfferUp for $36. I still think I prefer the shape of my Glorious Model D but I’m going to use it for a month. Any mod recommendations?
1 year ago
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Glorious model D wireless initial impression
Glorious model D wireless initial impression, first of all this thing is solid, which is something new for glorious I guess!. If I have to compare with my last and very similar pulsar xlite wireless the main clicks here has more tension and the side buttons are clicky.
10 months ago
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Glorious Model D Review: Lightweight, ergonomic RGB gaming mouse
The RGB colors and directions and speed Mouse bindings and macros, as well as dig further into some of the configuration options for the mouse, and all of this translates into a really great feeling. Mouse for gaming glorious has put together a pretty incredible package for just fifty dollars. The ergonomic design paired with the lightweight colorful RGB display make the Model D a great choice
4 months ago
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