Gigabyte M32U

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  • Made for gamers
  • Great image quality
  • Fast refresh rate
  • Good value for the price
  • No dead or stuck pixels


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The 5 Best Gaming Monitors - Spring 2022
The best 4k gaming monitor that we've tested is the Gigabyte M32U. Getting a 4k monitor is ideal if you like playing high-resolution games or if you have a console. The high resolution delivers an incredibly sharp and detailed gaming experience. Motion looks exceptionally smooth thanks to the quick ...
4 months ago
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I got a free RTX 3090. Can someone share their experiences going from 1440p to 4K? How noticeable is it?
If a TV is too big, the Gigabyte M32U is also a great option - 32", 4K, 144Hz. Regarding 27" 1440p vs 32" 4K - definitely worth the upgrade. You get twice the number of pixels, on a bigger screen, and the PPI is higher (108 vs 138) so the picture will look sharper even if you sit way up close to your monitor.
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Gigabyte Support, or lack of any live or online support is the problem
I really don't like to leave a negative review for this monitor however people do need to know that no matter how inexpensive this monitor is and how good the quality and the features, if you do need technical support from Gigabyte you can only get it through their esupport site using an online form...
2 years ago
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[Monitor] Acer Predator XB273K (XB3) - 27" 4k 144hz Refurb | $483.99
It's a fantastic monitor for this price but be aware that you need 2 DP cables to use it in full 144hz mode. I currently have it set to 120hz (single DP) and I don't notice any real difference between my 144hz monitor next to it. Overall I'm very happy with it and figured I'd post this again since it's still on sale for the same price as a month ago. Great for anyone eyeing the M28U/M32U but can't swing the higher price tag.
After testing testing and testing I have finally found THE ONE
As a software developer who enjoys gaming, YES. This thing is so awesome. I have had such a hard time finding a monitor that checks all of the boxes for me and boy oh boy am I happy to say I have finally found it! I've tried everything from the Samsung G9/G7, LG's UltraGear lineup, ASUS' best gaming...
Rocky Smith
8 months ago
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4k gaming at 27" or 32"?
Yes the bigger screen and slightly better pixel density are nice. But unless you have a high-end system, running games at 4K may not be worth the lower FPS. I like the M32U and definitely don’t regret buying it. But I do think 27” 1440p is a great choice for gaming because of the broader array of games where you’ll get significantly better FPS than if you were using a 4K monitor.
The 5 Best Monitors For Photo And Video Editing - Spring 2022
The best monitor for video editing and photo editing that we've tested in a 32 inch size is the Gigabyte M32U. It's a great 32 inch, 4k monitor with a fast 144Hz refresh rate.
4 months ago
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To top it all off the contrast is actually very good for an IPS panel. Compared to the previous 2 monitors I tried (gigabyte m32u and the samsung odyssey g7) the picture quality is leagues better.
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Good value gaming monitor
The M27Q is performing very well as a 170 Hz QHD IPS gaming monitor (FreeSync). I think it's a good value for the price ($330) as of late-2020. The image quality is fine once properly configured and better than you would probably expect at this price. The built-in KVM is a nice bonus, but only pract...
2 years ago
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4K + 120Hz + 32" + slim bezels + symetrical and minimalistic design ?
The Gigabyte m32u fits your specs. It's been working well for me especially in SDR mode. It's 144hz and the design is similar to a regular office monitor imo (i.e. no RGB or flashy logos)
No such thing as "perfect" though
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