Garmin Venu Sq

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  • Great for casual athletes
  • Bright LCD touchscreen
  • Built in GPS
  • SpO2 (blood oxygen) tracking and up to six days of battery life
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS


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Pleasantly Surprised!
I was a little bit hesitant to buy the Venu SQ because my last Garmin watch was so heavy on features that I didn't know how to use (and honestly don't need.) If you're like me, a casual athlete, maybe you're into fitness walking or doing light yoga... or even a new runner, this is probably the watch...
Kallie G
2 years ago
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Garmin Venu Sq: Health and fitness done well
A great fitness watch without extra bells and whistlesIf you're willing to sacrifice a few smart features for better health and fitness tracking, the Garmin Venu Sq is a solid choice that works with Android or iOS.
5 months ago
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I liked having that constant feedback from the program, and I liked that it would adjust based on what I did. The first few weeks, I had to stop a few runs early as I just didn't have the endurance or I skipped a run, and the program compensated for it. Then in September, I moved the date of my race (since I chose my own race instead of tying it to a specific one) out a week, and the program adjusted.
A $249 version has support for offline Spotify downloads
As far as charging goes, it uses proprietary charging pins that require some force to snap in. So far, battery life has been tremendous, though I’ll admit that I didn’t run the Venu Sq through its full paces since the pandemic is forcing me to spend less time outside. If you’re looking for a relatively low-cost smartwatch that can help you navigate with GPS and is also fitted with plenty of sensors, the Venu Sq could be worth checking out
Cameron Faulkner
5 months ago
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Garmin vs. Apple vs. Fitbit
While this isn’t a fancy Apple Watch, it does everything I needed it to without the jaw dropping cost. You also don’t have to pay a monthly membership to use features like O2 saturation the way you have to with FitBit watches. It also looks really nice. It tracks my heart rate, oxygen levels, sleep,...
2 years ago
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Missing very important features.
The watch does what it says it will do. However, it leaves out some very important features that are covered by the Forerunner and Fenix lines. If you are training and want insight for recovery and progress, this unit provides neither. No recovery time, no performance indicators or insight. Seems od...
Rob Nelson
1 year ago
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My first Garmin & my first fitness watch. Coming from old classic Seiko watches to Venu SQ. Aiming to improve my fitness for 2021 !
I feel the Venu SQ is a good value buy for casual fitness and health enthusiast.
Enjoy the watch and keep healthy. 👍
NEW GARMIN VENU SQ (Accurate HR/GPS, Offline Spotify, 5 Day Battery)
So having the garmin iq app and the garmin connect app. I wish garmin would just kind of get their software together and just figure things out on that end, to just make one like clean, robust, app so overall guys that is the garmin venue sq.
Mike O'Brien
5 months ago
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I've had my Venu sq for a week and my stress and body battery reading are worrying me. - The watch basically never registers any "rest". My sleep is counted as low or medium stress even if I feel like I slept well. Even if I'm having a pretty chill, normal day, about 1/4 to 1/3 of my day is counted "high stress".
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Love this Garmin!
First off, I'm a personal trainer and triathlete, and I've been a Garmin fan for years - their devices last a long time, and are the best at fitness tracking. Have been using a 920XT for maybe 10 years(?) now and it's still working great. What I loved about it most was the triathlon mode, and loved ...
2 years ago
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