Garmin Tactix Delta

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  • Great for field surveying
  • Inaccurate altimeter reading
  • Difficult to purchase
  • No smartwatch features
  • Not a good watch for running


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Fenix 6 Pro Sapphire build quality
I called Garmin support and for 90$ they sent me a factory refurb and I’ve had that ever since. I use mine daily , I run , ride and mtb and lift regularly. I cannot safe enough good things about this line. I’m looking to upgrade again around December this year and I’m gonna look for a 6/6x solar or a tactix delta solar if can get a good deal on one.
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Worth the price of admission
It was difficult for me to purchase this because the cost seemed very high. when compared to the Fenix 6X Sapphire, they basically are the same. However, the tactix line is quite a bit more rugged. This watch is awesome. The battery life is remarkable. after a full charge with my chosen watch face i...
Geoff Albin
3 years ago
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Worth the money
I’m in the army. I run. I lift. I do CrossFit. I swim. I ruck. I use this watch 7 days of the week. If you’re really into fitness this is a great watch. I love how I can track my progress, download training plans or custom runs, etc. This is also a great watch for land navigation which I do frequent...
Mike D.
2 years ago
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Has anyone experience with Garmin watches (f.e. tactix delta) in extreme environments? Like heavy military trainings and deployments? Does it perform well in those extreme situations?
The battery is insanely good with the Delta. I get about 20-30 days without recharging for just basic use, paired with a phone and with occasional GPS use. This is even with running a homebrew app on it that'll interface with ATAK and let me plot points without touching the phone. On that note, the interface is the best there is, in my opinion - the physical buttons are rock solid and the UI is really well thought out, such that you don't need to hit more than a couple buttons to reach any feature.
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Its more of a tool than a smartwatch, perfect for me and I love it.
I wanted to get some use out of this before submitting my review. I’ve had this watch for a little over a year now. I do field surveying for a Telephone Company. Part of my job is locating and identifying utility poles and getting GPS coordinates for them. I’ve used a handled unit for years, but as ...
1 year ago
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1 month review
Got this a month ago and now I feel I understand it well enough to give a review. First garmin product so it took me about a week to get used to all the drop down menus garmin uses (not too fun). This watch has A LOT of things you can personalize so I’m still working on it. I had a Fitbit versa and ...
2 years ago
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Now I bought tactix delta and it's the same thing. My calories count is more than double comparing to Apple watch and I'm not even working out, also both garmin watches count my calories than I'm asleep and I don't wear it. I always leave it in bathroom. I read all FAQ in garmin website and reddit, all parameters are correct and information is filled in.
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An incredible watch but.....
After using several iterations of the Apple Watch, I decided to make a change. The change was not because I was displeased with the Apple Watch- I do think the Apple Watch, if you have an iPhone, is a great piece of tech. However, superficially, I just love the way the Garmin looks, specifically, th...
R. Abraham
2 years ago
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One of Garmin's best watches, period!
I love this watch, it’s my favorite. I’ve own the Fenix 5, 5X, 6X sapphire and this one is just takes the cake. The battery life is amazing, the bezel is the best of the Garmin line up in my opinion. I could go on and on about all the great features and there are tons of in depth reviews out there t...
Gustavo Lomeli
2 years ago
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I prefer the Tactix Delta (because of my line of work) but I believe questions are relevant to Fenix 6(X?) too. I dont use watch to reply to people (siri is useless in my language). I also don't use watch to "siri" things that much.


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