Garmin Hrm Tri

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  • Great for heavy sweaters
  • Works well for running
  • Does not stay put when turning and kicking off the wall in indoor pools
  • More so than anyone else
  • Garmin's top and heart rate strap


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Garmin HRM-TRI Review - Triathlon's Greatest Heart Rate Monitor
Summary of the HRM-TRI Review. It’s very expensive, although 3 years on from launch you should get one for 30% less than the retail price. I’d still say that was expensive for a heart rate monitor
2 months ago
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My favorite Garmin HRM model.
I have the HRM run, and the other dual sport and regular heart rate monitors from Garmin. Not to mention some other brands. My HRM run lasted about two years before it stopped working. (Sad tines). Based on reviews I opted for this model and so far it's my favorite heart rate monitor I have used. Su...
2 years ago
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I have owned two Garmin HRM Tri and they both had issues where the plastic around the top right screw would crack and sweat and water would come into the housing causing problems. Yesterday I called customer service and they have said that the HRM Tri has been discontinued as of Tuesday (6/22) and that they would happily replace my HRM Tri with a HRM Pro at no cost!
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Garmin HRM Tri Heart rate monitor Band, Product review by Kevin Cook
So there you go guys. My review of the Garmin HRM tri comes with the HRM tri unit and the additional strap and all that extra paraphernalia that we're gonna recycle as well. So that's it from me guys
Virtual Ocean - | |
2 months ago
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Works great. Does what it is advertised to.
I use mine mostly for the running to track/monitor my dynamics. I love it. It definitely does not stay put when turning and kicking off the wall in indoor pools. I wear a stretch shirt when swimming, and that helps a lot. It will still try to shift with a hard push-off. Pricey but worth it. I never ...
A. Carter
3 years ago
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Garmin has the best consumer service. I had HRM tri, that I bought 1 and Half year ago.
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works great
I have a Garmin Fenix 5 Plus, use it every day. Absolutely love it. I bought this HRM because while doing certain workouts the wrist HRM basically doesn't work. (fun fact if you swing your arms like you were running the wrist HRM can pick up your active HRM much better) So I do lots of mixed workout...
3 years ago
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Chest heart rate straps...which one?!
I've had great luck with the Garmin HRM Tri and now Pro if you want Bluetooth. Over the past three years I've changed the tris battery once with no issues.
Not accurate for my swim sessions.
I got this heart rate monitor for two reasons: ANT pairing instead of bluetooth and to have something for my swim sessions. I have used it in all types of training (biking, running, zwift, CrossFit, swimming, et cetera). It does fine when it is not submerged in water I've found. It has been useless ...
3 years ago
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Reviewing the Garmin HRM Tri
That was just a very smooth smooth ramp. When you actually do pick up the effort, the heart rate monitor responds really well at the end I did a run up the hill and got 75 176 and it was. It was a smooth progression, but it responds quite nicely
Rob Harrop
2 months ago
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Compatible Devices


Edge® 530


Item Dimensions LxWxH

56 x 1.2 x 0.5 inches

Item Weight

59 Grams