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Garmin Hrm-pro

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  • Great for indoor use
  • Comfortable strap
  • Reliable connection with the device
  • Easy to read screen
  • Good battery life


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Top reviews

Easy to use
Love the fit and the accuracy. It syncs and connects seamlessly to all the gym equipment and my Garmin Connect
Malissa B.
8 months ago
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What are the benefits of a smart watch or GPS watch?
For me the Garmin watch has kind of revolutionized how I look at all my activities and also my fitness. When you add it to your life and wear it 24/7, you get a \*lot\* of transparency about all kinds of things (from your general status (a kind of "age" rating you're at right now), your current energy levels, ("body battery"), over all-day HR, to sleep quality, and of course all the training related things). For running, if you combine it with a chest strap (I got the HRM-pro), you get running-related physical statistics, like your flight time, the vertical ratio, the absolute vertical "jump" height per step, the time-on-the-ground for each step, and the ratio between left and right leg. With that strap, it can also figure out your lactate threshold for you, saving you trips to the doctor.
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Pair it Twice!!!
I was extremely attracted to this product because my HRM-Tri does not record "step" data for my indoor workout. After my first workout with my new HRM-Pro I was upset that it didn't record any movement. I immediately contacted Garmin Customer Support who quickly identified the issue. You have to pai...
Amazon Customer
2 years ago
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Which HRM - faulty Wahoo HRM
If you have a Garmin watch I say go for the HRM Pro. Has all you will need for outdoor activities and Bluetooth for Zwifting.
Garmin HRM-PRO Plus In-Depth Review: Here's what's changed!
it's again identical to the Garmin HRM Pro the original one that's going to be the trend by the way, which is why this section is gonna be so darn short. And then here we are on a city run you can see compared to Garmin's Funner G55 on the optical heart rate sensor, it's actually identical to that too as well. Pretty solid there
DC Rainmaker
2 months ago
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Heart Rate Monitor - Alternatives
The Garmin HRM - seems accurate as the Polar was, connects with no issue to all of my devices. The battery life is incredible, no replacement in 4 months so far. Wish I woulda started with this one. So if you get the chest strap go for the Garmin, you can usually find it within your budget too.
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No accurate real-time heart rate measurements, use Polar H10 instead for this purpose.
Using this product to measure real-time heartrate and this product does not give real-time heart rate in the Garmin app despite claims that it does: "Premium heart rate strap transmits real-time heart rate data via ANT+ technology and BLUETOOTH" (Garmin Amazon Item Desciption, First bullet point). T...
2 years ago
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great item
garmin improved and fixed the old model problem, i love this heart rate move
Daniel C.
9 months ago
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Chest heart rate straps...which one?!
I've had great luck with the Garmin HRM Tri and now Pro if you want Bluetooth. Over the past three years I've changed the tris battery once with no issues.
Chest heart rate straps...which one?!
I've got the Garmin HRM Tri paired with a Fenix 5x and I couldn't be happier. I've used it every day for running or cycling over the past two years with no issues. I haven't been swimming in a year because our pools are closed but I used it for that, too. The running metrics are great if you're a data nerd like me.






Compatible Devices

D2 Bravo

D2 Charlie


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5.59 x 1.18 x 0.47 inches