Garmin Forerunner 945 Lte

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  • Great for training
  • Lot of features
  • Battery life is long
  • Offline maps
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great for swimming
upgraded from 935 to get HR while swimming. works great. has some other upgrades from 935 - the O2 sat is nice; but certainly not medical grade - might pick up sleep apnea desats, tho, so could be useful. ride alone county roads and highways - so nice to have the LTE connectivity in case of an emerg...
6 months ago
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My first garmin watch
I have ordered 3 watches of the 945 lte Amd recently got mine qs a gift from my client :) i have been an apple watch user since the apple watch 1 And i glad i switch to garmin I would recommend any athlete for garmin
Essa al
9 months ago
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I haven’t used a sports watch before, and as well as using it for triathlon-specific training, I’d like to use it for the other sports which I usually partake in (football, tennis, weight training etc), and general day-to-day activities. Looking online, it appears the Garmin Forerunner 945 is my best bet.
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Best sports watch for training?
My vote would be Garmin Forerunner 945 but to be fair I haven't used any other brands in comparison.
This watch does make you run faster
The perfect workout companion. It's been three weeks and already my work outs have improved! Most useful features for me are the Body Battery (Stops me overtraining) and training programs.
Mrs Angela McCourtie
1 year ago
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Enough thinking, I'm asking this - Fitbit or Garmin?
Garmin doesn’t use subscriptions (only for their sos service on inreach devices and forerunner 945 lte.). Garmins marketing is based on fear of missing out, so they make sure their devices have the longest feature list. Not all of these features are usefull or work very well. But in general, they are good devices for tracking (sport)activities as long as you take all the data it produces with a grain of salt.
Safety and Battery Life
Okay, Garmin is greedy, there I said it. I did everything in my power to get even a 10% discount from Garming. But they were not having it. They made me pay full price $650.00 and no discounts period! NOW THEN, believe it or not, the Garmin 945 LTE is ABSOLUTELY WORTH EVERY PENNY. This is my first G...
6 months ago
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Get a 945 or wait for a 955?
I think that a 955 is not close cause they release a 945 lte before 2 months. I have the same problem with fenix 7 but my friend we only live once. Take the watch 945 is the best watch for nearly every sport, if you wait you will lose only time. The price is good right now pull the triger and start using it.
I bit the bullet and bought a Garmin 945 LTE (my first fitness watch ever)
Don’t count on auto detect. Start activities manually. I got the 945 LTE the second it was available. It’s a fantastic watch and the price of mind it provides for when I’m out suffering through a long run is worth far more than the $6.99/month it costs.
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Best brand for sportwatch
I was an avid user of Garmin since the 910xt back in 2013. Has used the 920, and Fenix 5 before quiting and switch to apple watch because my Fenix 5 GPS was so unreliable. Whilst Apple Watch is great but it was a smartwatch first and sportwatch second, and not quite fit my need for longer workout wi...
4 months ago
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