Garmin Forerunner 245

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  • Great for running
  • Accurate heart rate and pulse oximeter sensor
  • Long battery life
  • Dont have to bring phone while running to het all the same functions


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FR 245:. > We like the Garmin Forerunner 245 for runners who want a trustworthy, traditional running watch with enhanced smartwatch features (notifications, the ability to sync to a calendar, local weather) that make all-day wear appealing.
Great Evolution in the Forerunner Lineup + Onboard Music Rocks
A bit about me 1. I've owned the Garmin Forerunner 235, Fenix 3 and Fenix 5X (among several older watches from Garmin and others) 2. I run 25-35 miles/week (4x outdoors + occasional treadmill) and bike indoors 1-2x per week on Zwift 3. I use the Stryd Live footpod 4. I sync all of my data to Strava ...
Scott E. Benson
3 years ago
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So in love with this!
I had 2 purposes for this watch. Better tracking for my runs and walks and the music so I could stop carrying my cell phone around with me. Once I got it and figured out how to use it I was even more impressed by the other features. I never thought I would want to track my sleeping, my weight, my st...
9 months ago
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Unusable piece of junk
After literally HOURS of talking to tech support at Garmin and from a coach, this piece of future land fill is simply not usable. There are next to no instructions included. Those that are are incorrect in important particulars. The web site from Garmin is of no help. Garmin Connect, a browser add-o...
1 year ago
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Ok, Garmin. I love this watch!
UPDATE: Alright, so when I initially wrote this review the music component of this watch was meh for me. I had a love/hate relationship with it but now I can honestly say I love it and have upped my review to 5 stars (from 4 before). I do think Garmin listened and made changes with the updates or ma...
2 years ago
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Amazing gps and tracking!!! Highly recommend
Watch is super accurate and tracks pacing greatly, would recommend for any level of athlete or runner!!!
Bob gibson
1 month ago
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It's great
I returned a Forerunner 945 to buy this watch. The 945 was great until the buttons started sticking. But I don't regret the purchase whatsoever because the 245 is a terrific value. I didn't enjoy the additional features as much as the $300 I saved with the downgrade.
Here are some thoughts on th...
3 years ago
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Terrible documentation
Garmin 245 Music seems to be a capable product. Tolerably possible to do basic activity tracking by a process largely of experimentation. Lengthy "Owner's Manual" is terrible, however. Appears to have been written as a steam of consciousness by an engineer who already knew how to access and use vari...
William D. Iverson
3 years ago
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Battery lasts 4-5 60 minute workouts or at least 7 full days if not in use.
I am so happy with this watch, I wear it even though I haven't been training. Its a really good looking watch. The software updated on its own, and it now tells me my Respiration Breaths Per Minute which it did not do when I bought it 1 year ago. You can read a full line of text messaging as well as...
Stacey Brooke
3 years ago
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Great fitness watch and heart rate monitor
I've been using this watch to track my runs and swims for 9 months now. I downloaded my running songs onto the watch from my iTunes library. The watch plays all songs you download (not a subset like a playlist). I googled how to sync it with my Jaybird earbuds by leaving the Jaybirds in its case and...
Paul M. Wright
15 days ago
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Model Name

Forerunner 245



Screen Size

1.2 Inches