Garmin Forerunner 745

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  • Great for cyclists
  • Amazing battery life
  • All the features you need
  • A bit pricey for a watch without golf tracking and topographical maps
  • No touchscreen


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Top reviews

The FR745 is underrated!
I really think the Forerunner 745 is underrated. It did get a lot of negatives for the battery, and I do agree that the 4 days I get is a bit on the lower side. But it does recharge much faster than the Venu and Fenix watches.
Swimmer’s perspective
I absolutely love the forerunner 745. The battery life is outstanding. I often go 3-5 days without charging it. I enjoy the media functionality and the ability to download songs straight from my deezer or Spotify accounts has been great, allowing me not to carry my phone while I run or lift. As a sw...
1 year ago
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This one is a keeper, excellent for cyclists too
I am pretty sure there are a lot of reviews out there pertinent the details of this watch so no point in getting into that in detail. It is great for cyclists since it has the ability to connect to a Smart Trainer and thus having the power and distance recorded by the watch. Nice! The watch is mostl...
1 year ago
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Why are the options for buying a Garmin watch so dang confusing? Is there a site to sort it out?
If you have money to spare and just want it all, buy a 945. (The forerunner 745 I don’t understand. It isn’t that much better than a 245 except for triathlon mode but is quite more expensive). I’m not a fan of the fenix range.
Smart Watch
Garmin Forerunner 745. A very recent watch with most of the bells and whistles.
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Best gift I gave myself!
Hands down this is the best gift I ever bought myself. I use it everyday and love ALL of its features. Helps me see my progress and gives me motivation when I don’t feel like running. It helps me push myself and beat my last run. An amazing tool for anyone training for running, swimming, biking.
Isabel Skarzynski
1 year ago
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Triathlon watches
I am in a similar position, looking to do my first tri in 2022. After a bunch of comparison articles and such, I went with the Garmin Forerunner 745. It has a tri function and does both open water and pool swims. I've had it for about 2 months now and it's been wonderful.
Garmin or Apple Watch?
I recently went through the same debate - and I take forever to make decisions. I ended up buying the garmin 745. I didn’t think I needed all the features of the Fenix and I wanted a slightly smaller size (Im a girl.). I want to use it for triathlon and an apple watch I sincerely sincerely doubt would last tracking some of the longer events I eventually aspire to do especially because I’m really slow.
It’s Really Complicated
I wanted a watch that was more accurate than my Apple Watch for running. It is definitely more accurate, but also so much more complicated. I can’t even get my music to sync up. I use this watch for outdoor and treadmill runs, and some strength training although it says starting “Rep 1” and I just l...
5 months ago
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Sleep Tracking Shortcomings: Let’s make a change!
I find Garmin’s sleep tracking on my Forerunner 745 and Vivosmart 4 (to a lesser degree) “informative” vs altogether accurate or precise. Understand Fitbit or Apple Watch are equally challenged regardless of algorithms or hardware. The trends are what interest me and Garmin works from that perspective.


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