Garmin Forerunner 235

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  • Great for running
  • Good for triathlons
  • Accurate heart rate monitor
  • Simple design
  • Not waterproof


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Garmin Forerunner 235 vs. Vivoactive 3 (Music)
I bought both the Forerunner 235 and the Vivoactive 3 Music. I ended up returning the Forerunner 235, though I think both watches have their merits. As background, I'm a distance runner (half marathon to 50k) but have also dabbled in triathlons and actually cross-train most of the week. Why to Pick ...
4 years ago
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But picking up running again, and having learned just a little more since I could get at least an indication of HR using my phone and was a bit more comfortable with the idea, I decided to get a Forerunner 235 about a year ago as my introduction to Garmin to track runs a bit more (I knew it was a pretty old model even then but still seemed capable and there was some great deals on). Man this thing is great.
I have an old Forerunner 235 that I bought secondhand. It’s having Bluetooth issues and sometimes the heart rate monitoring doesn’t work, but then works fine the next time. I usually sell my old watches when I upgrade (I keep a smaller watch for daily wear — though now I’m thinking I may get the Vivoactive 4s and just have one watch), but this one has too many issues popping up — I wouldn’t want to do a trade-in for the same reason.
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Weekly Complaints & Confessions Thread
**Uncomplaint**: I was brave enough to try my watch whilst swimming and as advertised a Forerunner 235 does indeed seem to be waterproof. I now have evidence of how slow I am in the pool. **Uncomplaint**: I have more exercises from the physio and so can start to move towards stepping off boxes and eventually doing some hopping. Onwards and upwards!
Toughest watch I’ve owned!
I got this watch for my first spartan race and it’s supassed all expectations. I’m a fire fighter and needed a sport watch that could stay on my wrist and “handle the heat”, literally. This watch is very tough and basic which is what I like about it. Extremely comfortable sport band for your wrist a...
4 years ago
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Garmin Forerunner 235 is amazing value for runners, serious or casual
It performs reasonably well on easy and long runs, but when it came time for a fast speed workout, the data tended to fluctuate by around 20 beats per minute. This isn't the end of the world because you can still connect an amp plus chest strap. Garmin's mobile app also isn't my favorite
2 months ago
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Can I charge my Garmin while tracking an activity?
I am an ultrarunner who recently completed a 55mi race just last year. I knew my Garmin 235 had a solid 8 hours of GPS + Heart Rate - BlueTooth worth of use. This watch charged with the alligator clip style charger.
Good as a GPS running watch with some activity tracking.
As someone else mentioned, make sure you are buying this watch for the right reasons! I have been a dedicated Fitbit user for the past 3 years. I have had the Charge HR, the Surge and the Blaze. I was a runner through the Charge and Surge (GPS) but then had a knee injury and became a gym rat through...
6 years ago
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Fitbit VS Apple watch VS other?
Garmin has great options. I have a forerunner 235. I turn off all notifications, have a phone for that. It's waterproof, battery lasts forever and it will track all you need it to. There are options for music as well.
* the battery life is declining. * the connectivity via Bluetooth to update Garmin Connect with this watch is slow or impossible. * heart rate monitor is often incorrect.
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