Garmin Fenix 6s

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Great watch but miss things from older model
Changed my rating from 4 to 5 stars because I have been able to make actionable tweaks on my daily life based on the new information collected by the F6x during activities and sleeping. Plus, the GPS gets a lock super fast when outside. It is truly a great watch and while I do miss some things from ...
3 years ago
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My Fenix 6s wasn't charging, so I contacted Garmin and they replaced it within 24 hours for free. Great service.
I wish i can afford to buy another one! Its amazing
Wow.. came from an Apple watch series 4 and this is amazing. Then again they both have their purposes. This watch has held up fine for the past 2 months in Iraq. Solid watch with great battery life, build quality, durability, reliability, packed with useful features etc. i would buy another one just...
3 years ago
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Just a shout out for great customer service.
My Fenix 6S broke (was no longer charging) and they sent me another one even though mine was 6 months out of warranty. That's pretty awesome IMO. And the guy who I spoke to said that he loved working there and they were completely paying for his education at UMKC for engineering. So there you go.
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Grateful for Garmin
What a touching story. I hope things go as well as they can for MIL.
I just recently upgraded to the Fenix 6S and am still learning all the features. I could see where you would feel that the watch has your back.
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I started with a Fitbit Charge 4 that I used for a while and then moved to an Amazfit T-Rex Pro. The Amazfit was really nice, but it would not control music and a workout at the same time. It was a decent watch, but I needed a more serious smart watch and I am not a fan of the Apple Watch. I settled...
10 months ago
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Not worth the money.
So first off, I will say that my review is based on the $800 price tag. This is a decent watch and appeared to do the things it claims but for the $800 I was expecting much more. My biggest gripe is with the display. Ironically (or not), I bought and returned the Instinct for the same reason. As Gar...
3 years ago
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I have a Fenix 6s but don't really use all it's features, I mainly just want steps, calories, and use it for 3-4 runs a week to track progress and training effect. So I'm looking to get rid of the Fenix 6s and get a cheaper FR 200 model. It's too bad the FR55 doesn't have the running training effect stuff or I'd go with that.
Awesome watch
I don't normally give reviews, but I want others who are on the fence to know what I've found to be the pros and cons. I love this watch and it hasn't let me down in any of my expectations. Here are a few things that might be helpful: The screen is not an led type. In a dark room or outside, in the ...
michael faust
2 years ago
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[Tudor] Best way to end this troubling year
He immediately made a call to his AD who he has a great relationship with and by the next day he got the call that the watch is available. Considering that this watch released earlier this year and has had some stock issues, I feel especially grateful for being able to get one and to be able to share my first purchase with my best friend.
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Supported Host Device OS

iOS, Android


SMS, social apps, incoming calls


GPS/GLONASS/Galileo receiver

Tracking Data

Distance, calories burned, activity, sleep activity, heart rate, steps taken, blood oxygen saturation