Garmin Fenix 5s Plus

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  • Great for sports
  • Lot of features
  • Not touch screen
  • Good battery life
  • Physical buttons


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Best watch I ever owned
I run 5-6 times per week (5K-15K) and was looking for a replacement for my Pebble that integrated well with RunKeeper (can start/pause during running) and is just plain excellent with alerts. I first tried the Amazfit Bip which has an amazing battery Life (30+ days). The Bip is extremely comfortable...
Seattle Hiker
4 years ago
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The Apple Watch activity feature is like
I actually find the iWatch targets way easier than my previous Garmin Fenix. Garmin is oh you walked 20km today? Let’s do a marathon tomorrow oh and drink 8liters of water for 4 hours!
I absolutely love my Fenix, I am so glad I went with this one versus the Venu or the Vivoactive 3. I love that it is NOT a touch screen, so much better! My workouts don't get stopped on accident, the watch face isn't on random screens. Very pleased with that feature. I love the white band with the s...
Runner Mama 79
2 years ago
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Upgrading from Fitbit to Garmin
They've held up, are incredibly functional, and look nice too. We both had apple watches before switching and I had a fitbit briefly. Hands down garmin wins.
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Smart Watch
I second Garmin Fenix. I have a Fenix 5 and it does everything I could want. Great for Tri’s but also has everything I would want for skiing, hiking, etc. plus the general health tracking stats are interesting if your into that.
Are Fitbits even worth it anymore?
Mine lasted a bit over a year. Then I decided to invest in something better quality. The Garmin Fenix is beautiful and seems more mature than the Fitbit. Training metrics are so much better. You get what you pay for.
Love this watch
Works great! Love it! Battery way outlasts the Apple series 4 I had!
3 years ago
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Back to week two. 5 minute walks, 2 minute run intervals. I couldn't get it to go back, and I chatted with Garmin, and they told me they could not get it back. I was out of luck.
Training for my first ultra! I have logged quite a few miles on my Fenix 5s and today I had a solo 21 mile run... my second run in the 20s since I started training!
I’ve got the Fenix 5s. It’s my 16th Garmin. It’s my favorite by far and hits everything I want to do while not being too little or too much. Great watch. Love you.
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Nice for use as a watch
I've had this 4-5 months now. Terrible battery life, useless at tracking heart rate for anything other than a walk (get a Scosche). I like it very much as a smart watch, which is all it's good for, so it's massively overpriced for this function. Should be $200. The one star is for the price related ...
3 years ago
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