Garmin Fenix 5 Plus

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  • Great for running
  • Lightweight
  • Good for swimming and biking
  • Easy to use interface
  • Not waterproof


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I absolutely love this watch!
I purchased this Garmin fenix 5 Plus Sapphire watch on March 6th and have been wearing every day since. Over the years I have worn fitness watches from Polar, Timex Ironman, and the Whoop fitness band (which I thought was fantastic, but I couldn't stand the $30 monthly access fee). I have to say thi...
2 years ago
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The Apple Watch activity feature is like
I actually find the iWatch targets way easier than my previous Garmin Fenix. Garmin is oh you walked 20km today? Let’s do a marathon tomorrow oh and drink 8liters of water for 4 hours!
Best Garmin Ever
I have owned Garmin devices for a long time. I purchased one of the early model running watches that had a screen that looked like a small TV. It was one of the first models out but it had GPS and it was a great training tool but not a watch you would want to wear as a watch. I later purchased the G...
Howard W. Abell
4 years ago
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Smart Watch
I second Garmin Fenix. I have a Fenix 5 and it does everything I could want. Great for Tri’s but also has everything I would want for skiing, hiking, etc. plus the general health tracking stats are interesting if your into that.
I had the Fenix 3 for 2 years and then the 5x for 3 years. They were on my wrist every day and I loved the simple utility as long as the incredible durability of them.
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The Holy Grail of Activity Tracking Watches
It does everything it is supposed to do wonderfully! I have tried 3 different Fitbits and this is far, far, better. Yes it costs more but what a satisfying experience. Battery life for me is 8 days plus. I can't believe how seldom I have to charge it. I love the size, the display, the heart rate mea...
Happy farmer
3 years ago
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Decided to upgrade.
She was trusty and has been through a lot with me but felt like I wanted some more features and something a bit more burly. So upgraded to the Fenix 5 Plus, kind of wishing I had done the 5x Plus with PulseOx but not a huge deal. Watch face has been updated to match old with the Fusion face. Now to test out the features like Trailforks for riding!.
The Fenix 5 plus has surpassed my expectations!
I’ve used the Fenix 5 plus on a few, long distance, overnight hiking trips. So far I am happy with it. I assumed syncing the trails from my phone to the Fenix 5 would be a daunting task, however I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was. On trail, the Fenix 5 plus kept me where I needed to be....
Andrew Brackin
3 years ago
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Are Fitbits even worth it anymore?
Mine lasted a bit over a year. Then I decided to invest in something better quality. The Garmin Fenix is beautiful and seems more mature than the Fitbit. Training metrics are so much better. You get what you pay for.
Instinct vs Fenix 5 Plus
I’ve had the Instinct for about a year, and I love it, but I wanted something with a little more tech so I opted for the Fenix. I originally ordered the 5 plus, and thought it was too big so I exchanged it for the 5s. The S was too small, so I swapped them once again and decided that the 5 plus was ...
Adam Sandone
1 year ago
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