Garmin Fenix 3

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  • Great for triathletes
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Good battery life
  • Comfortable strap
  • Tracks sleep


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The Apple Watch activity feature is like
I actually find the iWatch targets way easier than my previous Garmin Fenix. Garmin is oh you walked 20km today? Let’s do a marathon tomorrow oh and drink 8liters of water for 4 hours!
Love this thing!
I've slowly become a bit of a watch aficionado. Thankfully when I decided to get a watch case for my dresser, I went with a 12 slot unit instead of 6 as I originally planned, because I quickly surpassed that, and currently sit at 9 watches. I have a number of fashion/dress watches, and with the Feni...
6 years ago
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F3HR gimmick? Not in my opinion!
Got mine last week from REI -> Coming from the F2 then F3 this is a worthy upgrade. It essentially is the F3 sapphire with a optical HR sensor recording 24x7 HR data, including resting HR data. I enjoy the new strap as well - slightly softer and a touch more give then the rubber F3 strap. The bezel ...
Dominick D.
7 years ago
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Smart Watch
I second Garmin Fenix. I have a Fenix 5 and it does everything I could want. Great for Tri’s but also has everything I would want for skiing, hiking, etc. plus the general health tracking stats are interesting if your into that.
Love this watch.
Okay. I waited 4-5 days before posting my review and I'm glad I did. Like some other users have stated, you have to take a few days to get comfortable with all the functionality in this watch. For example, I've seen poor reviews listing the dimness of the watch as a negative and the lack of a gestur...
K. Lynch
6 years ago
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Garmin vs Oura
I wear both a Garmin Fenix and the Oura. I view them as complimentary products rather than one a replacement for the other. The Garmin does my daytime and activity tracking, the Oura the nighttime metrics.
Incredible Smart Sports Watch!
This is an incredible watch! It does everything you would want a sports watch to do and I'm sure is the best one out there, period! If it doesn't do something you might want, chances are that there is an app you can download that will. I give 5 stars on every aspect of it that I tested. Unfortunatel...
6 years ago
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I told myself I would never get a watch like this because of having to charge it and seeming ...
I guess I could consider myself a watch guy. I have quite a few watches but most are ABC style. I told myself I would never get a watch like this because of having to charge it and seeming big in pictures. I usually lean towards solar and atomic watches. Battery life is surprising. Since I’ve had it...
5 years ago
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Are Fitbits even worth it anymore?
Mine lasted a bit over a year. Then I decided to invest in something better quality. The Garmin Fenix is beautiful and seems more mature than the Fitbit. Training metrics are so much better. You get what you pay for.
I have used the hell out of this watch. I love that it lets you add different events other than the several ones pre loaded. I used it on multiple air insertion missions. There is one trick you should know. Start the watch as the bird is about to land, it will track your speed and altitude much bett...
7 years ago
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Recommended Use

Cycle, running, swimming


USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi



Internal Memory

32 MB