Garmin Enduro

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  • Great for a slower triathlete
  • Easy to ready screen
  • Solar option lessen anxiety but it recharges not very efficiently
  • Durable smart watch
  • Price is hefty but it delivers on each item


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The fitness watch that lives up to its name
Ultimately, I think the Fenix 6 is the better, more complete watch, and so that’s the one I would lean toward recommending. You just have to remember to charge it three times as often. That being said, the Enduro is still an excellent watch, and being able to go on a very long trip and leave the (proprietary) charger at home is a real boon, and if you do any ultra-length activities, then this is absolutely the watch you want
Brent Rose
2 months ago
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Garmin Enduro GPS Watch In-Depth Review
Hey folks - my full Garmin Enduro in-depth review is up! And, the video review will be online in 11 minutes (so YouTube says anyway). Essentially this watch confirms most of the leaks you already know about battery life and new trail running features.
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Love my Enduro so far...
Awesome battery life for a slower triathlete. Easy to ready screen. Solar option lessen anxiety but it recharges not very efficiently. I had a Forerunner 935 and the battery life was diminishing: The functions/menu are nearly identical but with an obvious delay with each press of the buttons with th...
1 year ago
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New to Garmin
Hi!. The Enduro is a too specific type of device for your lifestyle IMHO, it is only for ultra-runners because, to give you that incredible battery life, Enduro lacks of some nice battery-draining features you can have on Fenix 6, which is what I own now and gives me 21 days of life (6X). If you have a solid budget, go for the Fenix series to have the best all-rounder ever with maps (Enduro has not).
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Price is hefty, but it delivers!!!
Do you want a durable smart watch that tracks: HR, stress, sleep, GPS, run, pace, grit+flow, and countless other sport specific metrics while lasting 30+ days? This is it. The price is hefty, but it delivers on each item AND lasts for a long time. If you are familiar with the Fenix line, think about...
1 year ago
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I also have a Garmin Enduro watch. I was hoping the Oura Ring provides additional insights however from my 3 months of use this is what i have concluded:.
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My perfect watch
Awesome ! If you do not care about on-watch mapping and music this is the best choice. I do not want mapping on my watch, it is too hard to see anyway. And i have all kinds of on/offline mapping on my phone (Gaia, US Topo, Trailforks) which is always with me and easy to see on my phone. I do not wan...
UknowNo Me
6 months ago
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After using the enduro battery I wish I could trade in my old ones for some credit towards enduro!
100% Agree with you. I got about 40% more runtime out of the Enduro this weekend than I did last weekend, this is shooting in 4k60. I'm floored that the same size battery can preform so much better.
Battery beast, for actual endurance training
Garmin Enduro is originally designed specific for endurance athletes. I do half marathon, marathon, ultrarun, distance trail run and triathlon and I'll say this Enduro is perfect for me. At the beginning, with the software 15.20 there are quite a lot of bugs especially crashed during saving the acti...
1 year ago
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An Elastic Nylon Strap Mod for my Fenix 6S (using a cheap generic strap) No cutting or sewing needed and an optional cut and sew variant. (instructions in comments)
The clasp is now easier to do up and the buckle sits nicely on the underside of my wrist. You can see how the colour and wear is on the unmodified version after 3ish months. I'd be interested in Garmin releasing the enduro strap in different widths to try it on my 6S, but in the meantime, I'm happy with how the strap looks, feels and performs. Thanks for reading!.
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Black DLC w/Nylon Band

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1.4 Inches

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