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  • Fitbit Sense smartwatch does it all
  • With new features in the form of stress


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Save $85 on a Fitbit Sense Smartwatch
5 to 8.7 inches, and if you're unhappy with included bands, Fitbit sells a range of Sense-compatible straps starting at $29.95
Stephanie Mlot
7 months ago
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I just got my brand new Fitbit Sense yesterday. I charged it and added it to my account.
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Fitbit’s latest smartwatch has sensors, and bugs, galore
Also, the Sense has a built-in speaker, so soon, you’ll be able to actually hear the audible replies from Alexa or Google Assistant, and you’ll be able to make phone calls from the watch itself, as long as your phone is nearby..Overall, the Sense is a nice smartwatch, and it does indeed feel like it comes closer than anything I’ve used at getting the most complete picture of your day-to-day health
Brent Rose
7 months ago
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How to lose an almost decade long customer...
Fast forward to today, my 13-month-old Sense died overnight, out of nowhere, with no preceding issues that would portend something was wrong with it. I contacted support to discuss, and since all the troubleshooting steps couldn't resolve the issues, they escalated it for warranty purposes. Said escalation resulted in receiving an email with the expected "your device is no longer in the warranty period, and therefore isn’t eligible for replacement," but oh wow another 35% discount on yet another new device, how generous!. Take your token discounts and shove it.
6 months ago
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Fossil Gen 6 smartwatches with WearOS & Snapdragon 4100+ leaked
I was disappointed to read this will get 24 hours on a charge (which likely means with everything turned off so expect 18 in real world usage) as I really want a new WearOS watch. I guess I will have to keep my Fitbit Sense for now and wait for something new to come out that can do at least 4-5 days on a single charge (using WearOS).
Fitbit Sense review: An ambitious smartwatch that's getting better with time
5 hour outdoor bike ride, the battery dipped almost 50%..The Sense works with Android and iOS and the experience is consistent across ecosystems, with the exception of not being able to respond to text messages from the watch when you're on iOS
Lexy Savvides
7 months ago
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It’s time to go old friend…. Fitbit is going to give me $299. What should I get next?
I do like the Sense I have, but I'd definitely not recommend it as a new purchase anymore. Nor any other Fitbit for that matter. The OS development has obviously stagnated, the UI hasn't been polished much since the last redesign and poor memory management for apps, the connectivity (un)reliability and the very limited app store don't make Fitbits a very attractive purchase anymore. I assume that Google has redirected most of Fitbit's development resources into the Pixel watch they're supposedly developing after they acquired the company.
7 months ago
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Huge Fitbit update adds new Charge 4 features and overhauls Health Metrics
However, it’s not quite the same experience as Premium users get. Those not paying the subscription can only see one week’s data – while those that pay the $79.99 a month can see a whole month. What's more – users in Canada, New Zealand and U.S territories can now get the ECG feature on their Fitbit Sense.
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Do not recommend.
Do not buy this. It is an exceptionally poor product with a garbage heart rate sensor. How fitbit allowed such an inferior product to be sold I have no idea. The side button regularly activates unintentionally when pressed against the wrist but fails to press when you try to. The screen regularly fa...
2 years ago
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Do you truly trust Fitbit to aid you in your fitness journey?
I’m a data wonk, so having the metrics on sleep and exercise with an ability to “tweak” for performance is what I’m looking for over a regular or lower rated pedometer. The stress features on the Sense (Relax more than EDA) help me to wind down when I’m too overloaded. It’s not showmanship or fashion, I have a device that does what I need it to keep me going. I wouldn’t bother keeping it charged if not.
9 months ago
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Supported Host Device OS

Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later, iOS 12.2 or later


Missed calls, calendar, SMS, social apps


GPS/GLONASS receiver

Tracking Data

Distance, calories burned, activity, sleep activity, heart rate, steps taken, skin temperature, sleep stages, stress level, menstrual cycle, ECG