Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3

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  • Great for fitness tracking
  • Long battery life
  • Dual screen techno with std Google OS
  • Good notifications


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2 day battery not 3-45. Google maps crashes/fails every time.
SUMMARY (current date 1/2022): Google Wear OS is good, I'm glad they used that for access to the apps. Unfortunately the Google Maps app does not seem to work (see details below.) Battery life is 2 days not 3 with regular use. I like that it has a speaker and microphone on the watch. Screen seems fi...
8 months ago
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Mobvoi delivers again with this flagship!
TL;DR: I have 3 TicWatches, this is my new favorite! I started off with a different brand smartwatch and because of the lack of WearOS, it couldn't keep up with my needs, so I switched to Mobvoi with the S2 and loved it! Once the Pro 4G (really the Pro 2) came out, I knew I had to have it for the sp...
2 years ago
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My TicWatch Pro 3 broke after a month
Unfortunately on the night of the 27th day, after having worked out on a home-training bike, I rinsed off the sweat and salt by running the watch under cold water in the faucet in my bathroom. This is something I have done with all these watches to avoid having them covered in salt from the sweat. On the morning of the 28th day, none of the sensors including the heart rate sensor worked and the battery indicator on the TN display was blinking, indicating low battery, even though the watch was fully charged. It is apparently a known problem with TicWatch Pro 3 which can easily be seen on their forums.
2 years ago
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Is there a "Watch Tier List"?
Wait for the first WearOS 3 watch to come out. At the moment the best is TicWatch Pro 3.
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The first “Great” Wear OS wearable.
I previously owned the Tic Watch Pro 4G. It was a good Wear OS, but it was not the “Best.” After the 2020 pandemic started, I started to learn and realize how crucial monitoring your vitals were. While the Tic Watch 4G had a variety of sensors to measure heart rate and more, other watches in this se...
Ryan Arjune
2 years ago
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I have since today bought the TicWatch Pro 3, and I'm fully satisfied with it, but I've noticed a lot of problems with Google apps, like the Google Assistant that seems to work as it wants. Or maps that should be used With the phone while my watch has a GPS. I read that Wear Os 3.0 will solve most of these problems and bring a lot of good things. I have also read that my watch will receive Wear OS 3.0.
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Android users still can’t get anything as good as the Apple Watch
At the end of the day, it’s difficult to recommend anybody spend three or four hundred dollars to get on board the rudderless Wear OS boat..Both the TicWatch Pro 3 and the Fossil Gen 5 LTE are good enough smartwatches for what they are
Dieter Bohn
7 months ago
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Is it worth getting the TicWatch Pro 3 in (almost) mid 2021
Just as the title says, I am looking into getting a smartwatch and the Ticwatch Pro 3 tic(k)s all the right boxes. Based on the release last year would they still possibly be releasing a Ticwatch Pro 4? They are already a generation processor ahead of most competition so I am unsure if that might happen. Another concern is that the watch would be too large for me (6in or 152.4mm circumference).
1 year ago
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Ice universe: The new Wear OS makes the Galaxy Watch 4 very smooth, but there are also many bugs that engineers are working on.
Interesting. Even if my current watch (Ticwatch Pro 3) does not get updated to Wear 3.0, I just want the new Offline Spotify and YouTube Music apps to still come to current watches 🙏
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# Battery. The battery life for this watch is rather amazing. It has a 380 mAh battery however, I get approximately about two days with moderate usage with the sensors turned on (Comparatively, I get about 3 to 3.5 days of usage on the Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS).
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Supported Application

Sleep Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

Special Feature

3-45 Days Battery Life

Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100+ Dual System Platform

Compatible Devices