First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

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  • Great for dry skin
  • Moisturizing and hydrating
  • Softens, plumps, and hydrates
  • Thick but not so that it effects absorption or the ability to spread
  • More moisturizing and hydrating than most creams


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[misc] Went to the dermatologist today and part of what they looked at was my chicken skin (I have it on my arms and legs). Thought I'd share their recommendations for anyone else who has it.
I loveeeee First Aid Beauty's KP Scrub.
This Moisturizer Healed My Dry, Irritated Skin—and Now I’m Obsessed
Final Verdict. If you want a quality moisturizer that makes your skin soft and glowy without irritating it, then First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream is a must-have. It's also reasonably priced and will last you for months
3 months ago
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[Acne] Does anyone have any recommendations for an ultra moisturizing moisturizer to use while on tretinoin that isn’t cetaphil or cerave?
First aid beauty ultra repair cream. Like a whipped butter texture, lightweight but very moisturizing. I have dry skin and this works well for me in the winter. Not greasy either.
Almost there...
The consistency and texture of this cream is wonderful, and it’s thick but not so that it effects absorption or the ability to spread. It’s more moisturizing and hydrating than most creams I’ve tried. It softens, plumps, and hydrates creating a bouncy look and feel. Also, the size of this product is...
1 year ago
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Warning Scared Me Along with the Feeling on my Face
I purchased this facial cream from Sephora and thought I’d give Amazon a try because it was a few dollars less. It’s an absolutely amazing product. However, I don’t know if items are being switched out or what. But it looks different it was completely taped to death where I had to get a razor to tak...
4 years ago
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A Dermatologist Explains Why Over 17,000 Five-Star Reviewers Say This Is the Only Moisturizer You'll Ever Need
It has also been shown to help with tissue regrowth, which makes it a great asset in this skin-healing cream.". First Aid Beauty's Ultra Barrier Cream is suitable for all skin types, calming and nourishing, and according to reviewers, the $38 6-ounce jar also goes a long way (for me it was an entire year), so your money is well spent
3 months ago
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[Shelfie] [Review] My Skincare Routine AM/PM
First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. Okay guys, I absolutely love this moisturizer. I use it to lock in everything at night and it never feels too heavy.
[misc] What is your holy grail product and why?
First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream! Took me forever to find a moisturizer that just worked for my skin, I have pretty dry skin but hate thick/sticky moisturizers that leave a film. The ultra repair cream is soo moisturizing but spreads easily and sinks right into my skin!.
I tried First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Moisturizer for ONE WEEK! (best cream for winter?!)
that's time for the time. Word of the video and since the video was all about this ultra repair cream by First Aid Beauty, the entire video is gonna be Er which is emergency room and it's gonna be pronto Corso in Italian. I hope that you never have to use this word if you ever decide to travel in Italy, but just in case I got you covered, it's like one of those words that you never really want to learn, but you just forced to just in case you have to use them
Matt Randon
1 month ago
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Amazon do the right thing
I really like this product. I have very dry hands and this repair cream really helps with hydration and and sensitivity to touching various textures. It’s expensive and I thought worth the $42 I paid until I saw the $15 price tag found on the upper right side of the tube!!! Amazon do the right thing...
Elizabeth Castro
2 years ago
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