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  • Great for beginners
  • Excellent value for money
  • Balanced and musical sounding
  • Power headphone amplifier
  • Three gain settings and excellent channel tracking


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A MUST buy for gamers and beginner audiophiles
For $150 there's nothing that even comes close to this. Dead quiet sound floor, clean neutral sound signature, and gobs of power. It can comfortably run pretty much any dynamic headphones you should be throwing at it. The only way you're getting a better stack than this is by spending at least $750 ...
3 years ago
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FiiO K5 Pro ESS
In the end Nothing much left to add here, the K5 Pro ESS is a slightly enhanced version of a classic FiiO hit, worthy every last penny of the asking price. With top notch sound performance and equally good build quality it is one of the best entry level "all-in-one" DAC/amps you money can buy, as long as you don't care about MQA and wireless connectivity. Test playlist
4 months ago
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Zowie ZA11-B Mouse Review (comments)
lovely sennheiser cans by the way! 660s and a FiiO k5 pro is the truth!
Excellent introductory DAC/AMP combo
Highly recommended unit, build quality is excellent, has an authenticity checker online, sound quality is excellent as a novice in audio, noticeably better than all the stock stuff I had been using for so long. Using it to drive my pair of Sennheiser HD6xx. It CRANKS. Listening to FLAC, 32 bit 384KH...
3 years ago
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Incredible Value for the Price as a Headphone AMP/DAC
This unit offers tremendous value for the price. If you are looking for a clean, powerful and affordable headphone AMP/DAC combo the K5 Pro is hard to beat. To be honest, I don't think I've ever heard a headphone AMP/DAC that sounds this good for $150 or less. The only issue I have is with the pre-o...
Tek Everything
3 years ago
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Crystal Clear / Sound Stage amazing
So I've been using a cheap interface (BEHRINGER audio interface) dac/amp that I use for my microphone and wanted a cleaner dac, with less cross-talk. I was looking for something that could drive 600 ohm headphones for the future of buying new/upgrading old headphones. I saw the review for the FiiO K...
3 years ago
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Windows Issues But Otherwise Excellent Option
I have yet to review this on my YouTube channel. However, after months of use, I can say the Fiio K5 Pro is an excellent option for those on a tight budget or who simply need a smaller amp/dac. Fiio's sound signature has changed over the years. I find some of their gear rather harsh sounding. I expe...
No Theme Reviews
2 years ago
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Perfect for work...mostly
I bought the K5 Pro completely blind, as it's not really been out long enough to get any real reviews. It was exactly what I was looking for: a cheap, all-in-one solid state dac/amp. I've learned since that this does not measure perfectly, that there are other solutions out there that are technicall...
Gavin B.
3 years ago
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Big Upgrade. Great Sound!
Incredible Sound Stage. I’ve been listening to Amazon Music Ultra HD with my Sennheiser HD 650 and the FiiO K5 Pro. I upgraded from a FiiO E10k and I can hear a noticeable difference. I have the gain set to max for my high impedance headphones and the noise floor remains quite low.
3 years ago
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Best Dac/Amp Combo under 150$
I was quite surprised that the sound reproduced through this unit was very clean and had such clarities. Sound signature is very neutral and transparent with good sound stage. This unit also has a respectable and powerful amp section too. Maybe on par with Schiit Magni or JDS Atom in terms of power....
3 years ago
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Power output

Up to 1.5 W


6.35 mm jack

Connector Type

USB Type-B input