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iFi Hip-dac

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  • Great for balanced sound
  • Moderately powerful balanced output
  • XBass and PowerMatch features are handy
  • Dynamic, rich sound from the balanced out
  • MQA hardware-level decoding


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iFi Audio hip-dac2 Portable USB DAC/Headphone Amp Combo
Holistically, the iFi Hip-DAC2 is a minor improvement over the original.
6 months ago
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How are the Hifiman Sundaras on an iPhone 12? Worth it?
I've had mine now for a couple months and I LOVE them. I listen to them on exclusively on my iPhone, iPad and Macbook. I have them paired with the iFi Hip Dac. I've not tried listening tot hem without the DAC/amp...but I imagine it would be a huge step down.
Satisfied with the iFi purchased
iFi is a good HiFi sound card, enhancing my music listening experience even more. It’s handy with upgraded Apple Lossless on my subscribed Apple Music. The team at Addicted to Audio making purchasing experience an easy one. Fast response and professional.
Yuthira U.
1 year ago
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Important Tips for NEW BUYERS
I'm using Windows on my laptop and when I used HIP DAC for the first time on my laptop with HD600, the sound from this DAC was rubbish and had alot of clipping. However, I found important tips from iFi official website support. 1. You MUST install 'iFi (by AMR) HD USB Audio Driver' from iFi official...
Byungsun Ahn
3 years ago
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Review: iFi hip-dac2 – Why Compromise When on the Move?
Midrange. The mids were where I felt the hip-dac2 did best, providing me with good separation and detail. Again, this was better on the more sensitive IEMs, and really brought out the best on both vocals and a broad range of natural instruments
4 months ago
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Great Service and Price
Stellar seller. Got a great price and quick delivery with no drama.
kevin w.
10 months ago
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Just got these headphones delivered today! Initial impressions in comments.
I have only been using these headphones for a little over an hour now, and I am already blown away. I have had the ifi hip-dac for quite a while and I have been using it with some of my existing headphones (Focal Elegia, HD 58X), and I have enjoyed its ease of use and portability. The Empy's though, they are in a league of their own, which makes sense. I am not expert at describing sound, but I will give it a shot.
2 years ago
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Great product
George Gutierrez
2 years ago
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Good setup under 300$
I have an iFi Hip Dac that sounds absolutely amazing. Well worth the $150. For portable, I use ikko OH1's but have considered getting moondrop starfields based on all the hype they get online. With the dac+starfields, it comes out just under $300.
iFi hip-dac Portable DAC/Amp Review -
I can safely say that iFi has succeeded in making an affordable and convenient way to enhance common listening habits. For someone interested in high fidelity audio, but who doesn’t want to foot a large bill for all the necessary apparatuses, the hip-dac is an affordable and exceptional sounding choice to get you on your way.
4 months ago
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S-Balanced wiring


Up to 384 KHz



Power Output

400 mW