Endgame Gear XM1

Endgame Gear XM1

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Great build quality
Excellent sensor
Clicks are highly praised
Shape is great for claw grip
One of the most complete wired mice on the market
Not suitable for all grip styles
Accidental DPI button presses reported by some users
Side buttons could be improved


Overall, the Endgame Gear XM1 is a highly praised mouse with solid build quality and a great sensor. Its shape is aggressive and may not be suitable for all grip styles, but for those who prefer claw grip, it is one of the best non-honeycomb lightweight mice on the market. Some users have reported issues with accidental DPI button presses and side buttons that could be improved. The XM1R revision has made some improvements and added RGB lighting, but the battery life may be a letdown for some users. The clicks on the XM1 are highly praised and the mouse is considered one of the most complete wired mice on the market. Overall, the XM1 is a great option for those looking for a lightweight, high-quality wired mouse.


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