Dune Imperium

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  • Great for Dune fans
  • Well constructed worker placement/deck builder game
  • Strategic depth
  • Clever use of deck building
  • Strong solo mode


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Dune Imperium Board Game Review - Gideon's Gaming
Verdict on Dune Imperium Dune Imperium is the perfect storm of mechanisms that take a large number of commonly used board game aspects and makes them shine in the best possible way. The worker placement is tight, deliberate, and combines with deck building where every single card choice matters.
3 months ago
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Best Strategy Game of 2020
As a Dune fan and a strategy board game fan, I can happily say this game is excellent in both categories. It both beautifully encompasses the lore & essence of the Dune world while being a tight & well constructed worker placement/deck builder game. The game offers a Goldilocks level of complexity i...
Kelly Green
2 years ago
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I’ve been hearing a bunch of hype over Dune Imperium and, when I finally sat down to play it, had a horrible experience. The gameplay wasn’t fun and the advantage goes to the first couple of players every turn.
People's view on Dune: Imperium?
Surprisingly, my wife requests to play Dune: Imperium a lot despite having no affinity for space themes or Dune at all. She just really likes the mechanics and the AI 3rd player is one of the better AI players I have ever used in a 2-player game. I also have no issues with the graphics. It isn't a flashy game, but the art is good and the compentnts are nice and everything fits together nicely.
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Dune: Imperium review ⏤ You must not fear
I struggled as to what score to give Dune: Imperium. No individual mechanic in this game is unique and it is not a flawless game – with some of those flaws potentially being make-or-break-it issues for some people. However, Dune: Imperium is a novel combination of game mechanics that could give rise to an entire genre of games, and it is a great experience that I not only still enjoy but am eager to revisit even after dozens of plays
3 months ago
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Games that disappointed
Dune does a better job and makes me feel good because I am playing against the machinations of my ~~opponents~~ friends, whereas Arnak there's blocking but it never feels like "I am doing this to prevent you", it is more or less "oh sorry, I needed this space to do the million things I want to do on my turn". Arnak is great for personal best achievements or whatever, but very much feels like a Solitaire game with some cool mechanics. But Dune Imperium just does a better job at driving player interaction. I also think what makes D:I shine brighter than Arnak is that D:I has a time limit and very tense and tight 10 point limit.
Dune: Imperium - Shut Up & Sit Down
Dune: Imperium is a game that finds inspiration in elements and characters from the Dune legacy, both the new film from Legendary Pictures and the seminal literary series from Frank Herbert, Brian Herbert, and Kevin J. Anderson.As a leader of one of the Great Houses of the Landsraad, raise your bann...
3 months ago
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The rise of way too much plastic
I’m gutted I can’t get the Dune Imperium deluxe upgrade in the UK, because as great as the game is by itself, using wooden cubes as the soldiers in combat is so underwhelming. To me, it’s a game that deserves that little extra touch the minis provide. If minis and lots of plastic aren’t for you, that’s fine, don’t buy those games, but for some of us those deluxified components are what makes certain board games so much more enjoyable. Different strokes for different folks.
Dune: Imperium board game review - a hearty stew of deckbuilding and worker-placement that’s light on spice
Dune: Imperium's combination of deckbuilding and worker-placement is efficient, if not particularly groundbreaking. Image: George Barker. Despite this, I find myself liking Dune: Imperium
3 months ago
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Two-player Twosday - (April 06, 2021)
Dune 8/10. (There are a bit of objective and subjective criteria in my ratings 😉).



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