Dual 1229

Dual 1229

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Great functionality
Excellent sound quality
Reliable and durable
Comparable to other high-quality turntable models
Parts are still available for repairs
Not all users are able to get the automatic functions to work
Maintenance can be finicky
Price may be high due to the vintage gear market during the pandemic


The Dual 1229 turntable receives mostly positive reviews, with users praising its functionality and sound quality. Some users mention difficulties with maintenance and automatic functions, but overall the turntable is considered a reliable and durable option. The vintage gear market is noted as being expensive due to the pandemic. It is recommended to find a repairer familiar with Dual turntables for any necessary repairs. The Dual 1229 is compared favorably to other turntable models, such as the Realistic Lab 400 and 420. It is advised to do research on pricing before purchasing.


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