Dual 1019

Dual 1019

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Great upgrade from other listening devices
Compact size
Heavy platter helps maintain accurate speed
Automatic 45 dropper is a fun feature
Not all setups may have optimal treble
Decent cartridge necessary for optimal performance
None mentioned beyond these two


Overall, the Dual 1019 turntable receives positive reviews from owners who appreciate its quality and functionality. Many have found it to be a great upgrade from other listening devices, and some even consider it the best Dual turntable ever made. The automatic 45 dropper is a fun feature, and the compact size makes it easy to place in different locations. Some owners have found it to be a good project to work on, and the heavy platter helps maintain accurate speed. However, some have noted that a decent cartridge is necessary for optimal performance, and some have experienced a lack of treble with certain setups.


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