Dream Hammock Sparrow

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  • Great for camping
  • Good for lounging outside on a sunny afternoon
  • A good starter hammock, but there are better options available
  • Warbonnet, Dutchware, Dream Hammock, etc
  • Recommend a double layer for reduced sag


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Cold weather hammock camping
I’d spring for the 950 fill if you can, it packs really nicely and has incredible loft. I also have the Dyneema tarp with doors from Hammock Gear and it’s a major factor in my winter comfort, I don’t think I’d enjoy cold weather camping without that tarp honestly. I’m a huge baby about getting cold but the combo I use has been more than sufficient in my Dream Sparrow.
Trouble Sleeping in hammock?
I know it's not a common suggestion around these parts, but if you have a double-layer hammock (my Dream Sparrow works great for this), I'd try using a Klymit Hammock V pad. If you inflate it is much as you can, the pad and it's wings serve to spread the hammock out a bit and make it feel like it's a bit wider than it should, allowing a side-sleeper a bit of room for... thrashing?.
Hammock: Dream Sparrow 11ft, 60" wide single layer in 1.2oz MTN. Also considered WBBB XLC, but I'd like to use without a bugnet in nice conditions, and the "shelf" goes away without the net.
Has anyone had experience, good or bad with Wise Owl Gear?
However the double owl is not a single piece of fabric as a higher end hammock would be. I found the strips added down each side did nothing to offer any usable width to the hammock, and instead seemed to flip in my face when I tried to lay diagonally. Overall, it was a decent starter hammock, but I am much happier and I sleep much better in the Dream Hammock Sparrow that I replaced it with.
Looking to get into hammocks. Did I screw up already?
It's perfectly fine for like a lounge outside on a sunny afternoon. I also had the (separately) eno bug net which was ok. It just fits around the whole hammock (didn't zip/attach to hammock)... You won't get a bugnet to zip into your eno by the way, without modifying/sewing stuff yourself... I just upgraded and got a dream hammock sparrow that arrived to me a month ago.
Looking for ideas for big guy hammock...
I think my next and probably last hammock purchase will be a wide single layer 2.2 Dream Hammock Sparrow. Good luck and happy hunting.
Quick question
I've recently gotten a Dream Hammock Sparrow and learned what true comfort is. It's longer, sleeps flatter, has more comfortable fabric, and has a structural ridgeline and removable bug net. Wise Owl was ok to get started and learn the ropes on the cheap, but I'll never regret the upgrade.
Getting the new stand dialed in.
Decided I don’t care for my ENO double nest, it’s impossible to find the right lay. Can’t wait for my new Dream Hammock Sparrow to show up. I am beyond excited about all the new places to sleep now that I have one of these.
Hammock suggestions for 6’4” camper?
If you don't already have other camping gear, you would be able to add a sleeping pad and summer rated topquilt for around your budget. I find the onewind hammock very comfortable and am completely happy using it. That said, I will be replacing it next year with a 12 ft model from one of the cottage companies (probably a Dream Hammock Sparrow) to lower the weight and, hopefully, increase comfort. For the brands you mentioned, you may not be able to get everything you need.
If money wasn't an option what would your Ideal setup be??
Dream Hammock Sparrow - I have a Darien and their hammocks to me as the best made and most comfortable of all I own or tried. For colder and winter camping I’d get the Superior Gear Hammock with built in down underquilt. I don’t camp that cold so the 20 degree would be ideal for me. Insulation - 2 TQs.


Hammock Size

78 x 56 in

Total Length

141 in

Max Weight Capacity

450 lb

Packing Dimensions

56 x 7 x 7 in