Dell S3422DWG

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  • Great for gaming
  • Good contrast and black uniformity
  • Responsive with low input lag
  • Not too shabby in a bright room, either
  • Comes from Amazon in its original retail box


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The Dell S3422DWG curve monitor looks good, is very good for gaming and content creation.
If you main goal is to game at 1440p, and sit solo and dead center, the Dell S3422DWG is a great gaming monitor. It supports FreeSync but it worked perfectly with NVidia GPUs and G-SYNC (in the Nvidia control panel), if your hardware can keep up at 60Hz or above. The display is very responsive with ...
J. Salce
1 year ago
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The 5 Best 34 Inch + Monitors - Spring 2022
However, the curved screen helps compensate for that and delivers a more immersive gaming and movie-watching experience. Overall, the Gigabyte is the best choice for most people, as it's more versatile and has a great selection of additional features.
6 months ago
Read more's quite a good monitor for the price I bought it at. Which was a sale price at $430 (including 10% off coupon which I think was 10%OFFMONITOR). And dell's 3 year advance exchange warranty including 0 dead pixel policy makes it, in my opinion, one of the safer choices out there.
I'm a video editor/gamer and I'm hoping to get the most out of the S3422DWG. It just arrived today (my first UW) and is already blowing my mind, but I know the settings can be *better*.
Very close to being an excellent monitor
The Dell S2722DGM is a very good monitor, especially if your main purpose is gaming and of course if you have a modern day graphics card. There are a lot of positive talking points to discuss about this Dell curved monitor and some minor negatives or miss steps on their part, but before that a quick...
1 year ago
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The 7 Best 144Hz Monitors - Spring 2022
It's one of the best monitors we've tested for HDR gaming.
5 months ago
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Excellent widescreen monitor!
Excellent monitor! I use it with a 2020 MacBook Pro M1 Mac. Note that you may if you are using the HDMI port then you may not get the resolution you need. You may need to use a display port to USBC for the full 21:9 resolution to display.
1 year ago
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The 6 Best Curved Monitors - Spring 2022
It's a very good monitor, with a large 34 inch screen and a gentle 1800R curve. The 21:9 aspect ratio is great for multitasking, as you can comfortably work with multiple windows open, and it delivers a more immersive gaming experience. It also has a few useful features, including a built-in USB hub, meaning you can easily charge your phone or computer accessories by plugging them into the monitor instead of reaching behind your computer
6 months ago
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Are VA panels bad?
I'm super happy with the dell s3422dwg. Pulling 120 fps in Rise of the Tomb Raider and it looks brilliant to my eyes, especially for the price. I had a minor ghosting issue in rdr2 which the response time settings on the monitor resolved. Metro Exodus also looks incredibly immersive.
Blurry text and washed colors (unclear and uncanny)
It's not a terrible display but the colors do appear somewhat washed and there is this distracting ever so slight fuzz to the text that makes it unbearable to look at. If you're buying this for gaming or watching movies, and not using a macbook, it should be fine. But if you're looking for a monitor...
Amazon Customer
1 year ago
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LED-backlit LCD monitor / TFT active matrix

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Class F

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Class G

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