Dell S2716DG

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  • Great for gaming
  • Poor contrast ratio and terrible black uniformity
  • G-SYNC variable refresh rate support
  • Image degrades when viewed at an angle
  • Monitor is not a good choice for use in a dark room


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Dell S2716DGR/S2716DG
The Dell S2716DGR is a decent monitor for most uses. It delivers a great gaming experience thanks to the incredibly fast response time, low input lag, and G-SYNC variable refresh rate support. Unfortunately, it has a poor contrast ratio and terrible black uniformity, so it's not a good choice for use in a dark room, and like all TN monitors, the image degrades when viewed at an angle.
Daniel O'Keeffe
4 months ago
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There's a fine line between what's minimal and what's convenient.
Glorious PC Gaming Race XXL Extended;. Dell S2716DG;.
Great for gaming! Other tasks, however...
I've had dual ASUS 1080p IPS monitors for the last 4 years and wanted to make the switch to 1440p and 144Hz (while also reducing desk real-estate by going to just 1 monitor). I was super nervous about returning to a TN pane after 4 years of IPS bliss, but the price is right about what I wanted to pa...
M. Mayers
4 years ago
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[Monitor]LG 32" UltraGear QHD (2560x1440) 165Hz HDR 10 $249.00
Coming from Dell s2716dg TN 1440p Gsync monitors (which have served well). This is a nice monitor--just be aware it has a very basic stand (unlike the gn650---which is the same monitor with a more versatile stand). It has an excellent VESA 100 mount---and I use it on a monitor arm, so it was perfect. Well made, nice-looking setup.
Race station 2021
Dell S2716DG 27" 1440P 144hz. Dayton Audio DAEX25 Soundexciters under desk.
[HardwareUnboxed] G-Sync Ultimate Sucks Now - MSI MEG381CQR Plus Review
The existence of the LG C1/CX makes pretty much every gaming monitor in existence a complete rip off. I own an AW2721D and coming from a Dell S2716DG I thought the HDR experience was a treat to the eyes.
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Not durable, but picture quality is great
My S2716DG LED was RMA. During the whole process I finally checked the box's external labels and discovered Spring Tech (seller) sent me a refurbish unit when I ordered a new monitor. DO NOT ORDER FROM SPRING TECH. They shady AF. After a few months of usage the monitor started having distortions on ...
4 years ago
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[Monitor] Dell S2721DGF - $359 ($399 sale + 10% Newsletter Discount)
Coming from a S2716DG, the picture and colors are fantastic for what I use it for. I can't comment on professional use, but for gaming, it really is a great monitor. I loved my S2716dg, but I upgraded to a 6900xt and wanted FreeSync.
Great so Far!
First to explain the 4 stars, I ordered this when it was $400 new from Tech Shak, it was not on Prime so i paid $30 for 2 day shipping, it showed up 5 days later since it shipped from Canada and I'm in the US. Tech Shak shipped it the day i ordered it but if its not going to show up in 2 days when i...
casey m.
4 years ago
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Samsung Odyssey G7 - FreeSync/G-Sync is completely broken.
S2716DG is a great monitor. I love mine.
Anyway, I'm typing on a 32" G7 that's going to be returned, at this point with all these issues Samsung should be recalling them like with the G9.


Standing screen display size

27 Inches

Max Screen Resolution

2560x1440 Pixels