Cervelo Aspero

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  • Great for speed
  • Light and stiff
  • Versatile, fast, and fun
  • Road inspired geometry with generous tire clearance
  • Not easy to define what a gravel bike is or even what it should be


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Cervelo Aspero Is a Quiver-Killing Gravel Bike - Review
Introducing Cervelo's Aspero gravel bike - their first foray into the world of bikes designed specifically for off-road use. Built for speed, the Aspero has proved itself to be an incredible bike both on and off the tarmac with geometry and handling characteristics that make it incredibly versatile,...
2 months ago
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N(to me)BD Aspero GRX 810
I just picked up a 2021 Cervelo Aspero GRX 810 from a guy who originally bought it in March. It's set up tubeless with 700x42 ReneHurse Hurricane Ridges. I road it as soon as I got it home. This thing is nice!.
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How to make riding tame mountain bike trails after work more fun
The bike is a Cervelo Aspero 5 with SRAM Force AXS 36/10-36 running on i9 Torch/HED Belgium+ wheels with Panaracer GravelKing SK 38c tires. The bike felt great on the climbs and on most of the descents - it really only felt out of its depth coming into corners with longer stretches of brake bumps.
Bike recommendation
I really like my Cervelo Aspero. It’s a gravel race bike and I’d be fine with it on the road for sure.
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Cervélo Áspero review
It’s not easy to define what a gravel bike is, or even what it should be. It’s a problem that has vexed Canadian brand Cervélo for a while now.
‘We bike manufacturers still really don’t know what you consumers are actually going to use these bikes for,’ says Cervélo’s global product manager, Phil S...
2 months ago
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NBD! First ride today was amazing!
Went into a LBS to discuss options for getting a bike on 2022+ and this Cervelo Aspero GRX RX600 was on the floor and in my size. I could not walk away without it!. This is my first gravel bike as well and I am just in love with gravel riding!
I drove a Cervelo Aspero in the past but didn't like the ride and geometry at all, too stretched out and very harsh ride. Regarding geometry: I'm 179cm, with a crazy long inseam of 89cm and short upper-body/short arms.
Are gravel bikes comfortable?
I just did a metric century (101.8km total) on my Cervelo Aspero. With respect to geo this is probably more towards the road side of things than mtb, so not as relaxed or upright. But after 4.5 hours of riding I have no obvious sore points or discomfort, and I’ll be repeating that effort again in 2 days. Bottom line they’re very comfy if fit and setup correctly.
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Cervélo Áspero GRX RX815 Di2 gravel bike in review
The Cervélo Áspero GRX RX815 Di2 is made for those who love speed and chasing KOMs. With an electronic 2x drivetrain and a classic two-piece cockpit, it should maintain good all-round capabilities. How does the bike with its flip-flop paint finish fare against the competition?
For an overview of th...
New (to me) Bike Day
I love my Cervelo Aspero so far! Wish I could have found one with the metallic paint like yours, that looks fantastic. Only change I'm making is better wheels. Enjoy!
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