Casio SGW300HB

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  • Great for hiking and camping
  • Durable wristband
  • Easy to read numbers
  • Night light is great
  • Dual sensor can track barometric pressure and altitude


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Best Altimeter Watch of 2022 - GearLab
The Casio SGW300-HB is a bare-bones altimeter watch that is the least expensive model we tested. It has basic time-telling functions and a dual-sensor that can track barometric pressure and altitude. This budget watch is relatively accurate and gave acceptable estimates of altitude. However, this wa...
9 months ago
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2 watches gone bad in two months. They refused to repair or replace!!
This is an incredible watch. I had one previously for 5 years without a battery or glitch. This was the replacement (The old one got a little ragged looking after all the abuse I gave it. ) The 1st replacement had the buttons quit working after 2 days. Amazon quickly replaced it and the new one seem...
Light Saber
5 years ago
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Good, rugged and comfortable watch
I love reading reviews on the web. So entertaining. Folks, this is a $42 wrist watch. And I think it is an incredible value for $42. So here are some thoughts and comments: First, the nylon band is quite comfortable, much more comfortable than the resin bands found on most of the Casio G-Shock watch...
9 years ago
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Good Value
I've had this watch for a while now (about a month) which I bought for the primary purpose of using it for hiking and camping. First the pro's. It appears well made for the price, and has all of the functions one would expect of any digital watch, alarm, timers, stop watch etc. I've used all of the ...
sub hunter
4 years ago
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Screen goes awry after warranty expires
I really liked this watch for what it could do and the durable wristband but I've been bitten twice and now I avoid Casio watches. And amazingly, both incidents happened right after the warranty expired. My first watch worked fine and then one day the screen became illegible. Dimmed and garbled. I a...
Bob G
3 years ago
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Update: 5 months later and number readout is failing
I work in construction and appreciate the quality and durability that Casio offers. The numbers are easy to read. The night light is great. The alarm is at a perfect volume for me and can be dismissed easily. The band is comfortable, easily adjustable with tightly spaced holes. Though I bought it fo...
2 years ago
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Initially I thought I could do without it but it actually was extremely useful to help me navigate by consulting the watch and .
My girlfriend urged me to replace my watch altimeter as I was planning an 8 day 150 mile trek across the San Gabriel & Santa Monica Mountains. Initially I thought I could do without it but it actually was extremely useful to help me navigate by consulting the watch and comparing my location to the m...
7 years ago
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Simple, but wont last long for the outdoorsman.
Nice, simple inexpensive watch. Easy to use, and looks and feels great on my wrist. I used it hunting, backpacking, fishing, swimming and everywhere in between. The only problem I had with it were that the settings were inadvertently changed a couple times while I was wearing the watch. I would chec...
Michael Green
5 years ago
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Barometer, Altimeter, Thermometer and Clock for 43 bucks?
Are you kidding me? Nope, not kidding. Thanks Casio, you've come through again. This is an awesome watch and rivals others hundreds of dollars more. I'm wearing it right now and have been for several months. And I don't even like watches! I bought this to go backpacking in, hated no knowing exactly ...
10 years ago
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Great watch for people new to multi-function watches and experienced power users as well.
I chose this watch to fulfill several requirements: 1. A watch I can wear on the job and not worry about durability, without being so pricey I worry about losing it due to a sudden strap break. 2. A watch to replace my previous watch, a Redline branded unit that I enjoyed, but was basic. 3. A watch ...
Robert M
7 years ago
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10 ATM waterproof function

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