Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

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  • Great for grinding coffee
  • Works well with a metal table fork
  • Requires some attentiveness from the user
  • Will grind about 3 batches/day
  • Been incredibly reliable


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Top reviews

A true and meaningful review here.
I spent the time to scroll through 100's of products I've purchased because I have a true user review on this item. After 2 and a half years of use this will go down as one of the biggest waste of money and frustrating product I've ever purchased. It finally became totally useless yesterday when the...
3 years ago
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Not suitable for coarse grind levels
I bought this machine to grind coffee for a french press and for cold brew coffee, both of which require coarse grinds. It does not grind coffee nearly coarse enough for the purpose, which constantly results in silty coffee. On its coarsest grind settings, the grind that is produced is comparable to...
2 years ago
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So far so good 👍 but I just received it
It feels and looks like a quality appliance, it's also a great hight to use under covered counter top. My first use was this morning and I used less coffee than my normal store bought ground coffee but it had twice the flavor with much less bitterness. The flavor of the coffee i had today is what mo...
Mike M
1 year ago
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Great multi-purpose grinder, best value
For the price it's really hard to beat this grinder. It grinds really nice for my aeropress and zojirushi drip maker, and I've even made espresso a few times (it might not technically be fine enough, but it's really close.) I've had it for 6 months now, grinding every day, and it does everything I w...
Clay Kettlewell
2 years ago
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Near-ideal coffee mill for home use
My thanks to other reviewers -- whose comments regarding the wide selection of coffee mills enabled me to make the fortunate selection of theCapresso 560 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Brushed Silver, 8.5-Ounce . Having used it almost every day for several weeks, I find hardly anything negative to s...
10 years ago
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Decent grinder at a decent price
I won't give a long winded review, but instead I'll just address some of the complaints. Overall, this machine really is pretty good for the price. As far as static goes, I don't personally have a problem with it. The settings seem to work pretty well. I definitely can tell the difference between ea...
W. Warshauer
15 years ago
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Definitely Quiet as Compared to Some of the Competition
We had the Cuisenart burr grinder. The nice thing about that one is that I feel it's a little more accurate on the coffee settings. If you select 8 cups, you'll get 8 cups. With this one, you usually get a 1/2 scoop or maybe a scoop more. Once you figure that out, it's very accurate each time. The r...
Patrick M. Omalley
9 months ago
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Good Burr Grinder for the Price
This is my third Capresso grinder and the best by far. The others were solid performers and gave little trouble, but this is much better. The five star rating is against others in its class, not against all burr grinders costing hundreds of dollars. I highly recommend this grinder for the home user ...
Amazon Customer
15 years ago
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I’ve been grinding my beans for decades, living with everpresent static charge the burrs create. Best way to deal with the charge is with all metal table fork! Immerse the tines in the dry fresh ground coffee, stir a few seconds. But no more! PRO: This Capresso grinder creates no static. Cleanest bu...
Paul A. Dietrich
5 years ago
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Excellent, long lasting grinder
I purchased my grinder 6 years and have used it daily since. I have been very satisfied with the quality and evenness of the grind. After about 4 years of use, I noticed that sometimes it seemed to slip a bit with the volume of beans I was grinding, and the final measurement was off. I considered bu...
2 months ago
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Stainless Steel Grinder



Item Weight

4 Pounds