Canyon Grail

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  • Great for gravel and road riding
  • Canyon Endurace is a good option for casual riders
  • Take some time to get used to drop bars
  • Upgrade to bigger tires if you want to go faster


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2022 Canyon Grail updates emphasise practicality and sweet, sweet fades
While geometry remains unchanged, some new builds add spice to Canyon's gravel offering
By Katherine Moore Published: December 9, 2021 at 10:00 am
The Canyon Grail gravel bike range sees some modest updates for 2022, with updated specs across the board, some sweet new paint jobs and a new...
2 months ago
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PSA on The Pro’s Closet “Certification”
Someone brought in a Canyon Grail CF for service that they had bought from Pro's Closet.
Long time gravelist. New redditor 👋
Location: Southern Finland
Bike: Canyon Grail 7
I was out testing the recently fitted Terra Speeds on mud, and i happened to come across this cute bridge.
Had to make an adaptation to make the bike summerproof...
So when I found a set of Canyon Grail mudguards locally for sale, I jumped at the opportunity, installed them at once, and gave the bike a good thrashing in the woods. Pretty spectacular piece of kit. Very sturdy, doesn't move around nor does it rattle, and doesn't clog up. Yes, you can do offroad cycling with mudguards.
Did a little gate hopping in Mendocino county, CA today
Beautiful day on the bike today, 55 miles and about 5800 feet of climbing. I picked up this Canyon Grail AL 7 about a month ago as an upgrade from a Kona Rove.
I myself have a Canyon Grail AL 7.0 that I absolutely adore, but my buddy has a bit of a lower price range. I've successfully convinced him the versatility of a gravel bike is the best way to go if you are only buying one bike.
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First Longer Ride with the Grail!
2021 Canyon Grail CF SL 8.0. So far I’ve put about 250 total miles on it and I love it. Saved up for a very long time and it’s a big upgrade for me. What has surprised me the most is how fast it is on the road as well as off road, sometimes I forget that I’m riding 40c gravel tires instead of road slicks.
The Canyon Grail CF SL 7 Review
Everything they have done makes it feel comfortable, agile, and fun to ride. You feel like you’re very connected to the ground, and it just flys on the road and off-road.OverallWe like the Grail a lot
2 months ago
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New shoes!
Canyon Grail AL 7 on Bontrager Aeolus Comp 5’s with 30c Schwalbe Pro One tires (tubeless). After a bit of research and some help from my LBS I’ve finally got a road wheel set to swap for non-gravel days. It came out better than I anticipated and I can’t wait to enjoy the benefits on road.
Cycling Phantom Canyon
I am riding a Canyon Grail with 40mm tires. The bike was well suited for this ride. There is a general store about 1/2 way in Victor, CO.